Rolex: The Best Watch For Christmas

In 1908 Rolex set out on a journey which resulted in them becoming the powerhouse of the watch world, and they are now seen by many as watch royalty. If you’re seen wearing a Rolex it often shows you’re successful, hard-working and have an abundance of style, and at Miltons Diamonds we are fortunate enough to have one of the largest ranges of second-hand Rolex’s available. With Christmas fast approaching, we at Miltons have the perfect gift for your loved one, parents, child or whoever else it may be for! Nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a stunning luxury Rolex, of course you can always just buy one and give it to yourself for Christmas, that’s a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate!
Finding that right style of rolex may be tricky, which is why at Milton’s we’ve picked some of our favourite styles out for you! Rolex pride themselves on delivering exceptional, purposeful, stunning and clean designs, with each designed to perform a specific task whilst looking good and keeping accurate time. Available in a array of precious metals, with differing dial colours and diamonds for that added sparkle.



Released in 1992 the Yacht-Master has since gone on to take the world by storm. Since Rolex’s creation of the Yacht-Master there have been many variations released. Crafted from various rich and precious metals, one of the unique features of the Rolex Yacht-Master is the so called “Rolesium” a mixture of stainless steel and platinum. It has been produced with a number of different dial colours, with diamond set dials also available.

Rolex has continued to release new models of the Yacht-Master, such as the rose gold case and the Yacht-Master II for gents, and the smaller faced 29mm Yacht-Master for women. Considered to be part of Rolex’s ‘modern’ collection, any style of Yacht-Master makes an excellent gift!


Released in the early 1960’s, during what many regard as the Rolex boom, the Daytona is a stunningly designed watch. Named after the famous international speedway course in Florida, The Daytona model has gone on to become one of the most famous and sought after styles of Rolex in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Choose from exquisite metals that ooze class, such as; platinum, 18ct white, rose or yellow gold or a mixture of stainless steel and 18ct yellow gold. The stainless steel model even has a waiting list. Originally the Daytona was a racing chronograph designed for gents who have a passion for driving, now it’s seen as one of the most iconic watches ever produced. A perfect option if you or your beloved are a driving nut or a watch connoisseur.

Oyster Perpetual

With the first Oyster style of Rolex designed over half a century ago they have become a definite staple style in Rolex’s repertoire, with many designs having similar features. Harking back to Rolex’s vintage range of watches, the beautiful and simple designs of the Oyster watches offer an instant traditional style, perfect to complement any outfit. Varying models have been produced for both males and females with the latest designs and sizes created exclusively for women, in a range of exciting and original designs. The latest designs of Oyster Perpetual is an excellent Christmas present that will surely be loved!

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