The Classiest Cufflinks

We’re not just all about watches here at Miltons Diamonds, we’ve got a strong passion for everything jewellery also. When it comes to men’s jewellery a few things always flash to mind, one being cufflinks, even in this modern day and with fashion ever-changing, there is still a strong need for cufflinks. Ideal for those flashy parties, formal events, work, wedding, christenings the list goes on. At Miltons Diamonds we’ve got a huge collection of fun, quirky and fashionable items from one of the best brands when it comes to men’s jewellery; Deakin and Francis. We’ve picked a few of our favourites, and what event they’d be best suited for!
Behind Deakin and Francis
Deakin and Francis history is deep within England’s fashion industry, established in 1786 by creators Charles Washington Shirley Deakin and C.W.B Moore. Originally called Deakin and Moore, Deakin and Francis has gone through a few rebrands in its rich history. In 1902 the company changed its named to the one we now recognise. In their 200 year journey Deakin and Francis have emerged as one of the premium retailers of cufflinks in England, putting their own unique twist. Utilising precious gemstones and metals to create intricate designs of cufflinks Deakin and Francis have risen to become one of the most respected brand names in modern day London, serving members of royalty and the business elite.

Find Your Style of Cufflink

Struggling to find that perfect pair of cufflinks? At Miltons Diamonds we’re here to help! Ranging from traditional to downright fun and quirky, there’s a style for all!


Calling all animal lovers! Our collection of cufflinks from Deakin and Francis boasts a great collection of animal cufflinks, intricate and unique styles with bold and stunning colours. Everything from shrimp and sharks to frogs and donkeys, and a whole host in-between, if you love animals then add a few of these to your cufflinks collection!

Miltons 3


A great way to show off your sport personality, at Miltons Diamonds we have a host of sports themed cufflinks available, so if it’s football or horse racing, golf or fishing we have a set of cufflinks just for you!

Miltons 5


If you want to play it safe with a pair of traditional style cufflinks, whilst still adding a flash of colour to your outfit then we have the perfect set for you at Miltons Diamonds. Keeping it classy with the standard oval shaped cufflinks is never a bad thing, especially for black tie events. For our favourites look out of the ‘We Love’ badge.

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