Ladies Style: Cartier, Dior & Chanel

A luxury watch for a women is the perfect addition to any outfit. The sparkle of diamonds, the stunning design of the dials and the precious metals they’re crafted out of are what make that perfect style of watch. At Miltons Diamonds we’ve got an abundance of exceptional designs of women’s luxury second hand watches, all from the world’s biggest and most loved brands.
Of course we understand that finding a stunning style of watch that’s right for you can sometimes prove a momentous task! If you’re buying one for that special someone or as a gift for yourself, at Miltons Diamonds we’re here to help. We’ve chosen a few beautiful selections of watches from high end fashion brands, typically associated with a certain class and style, we guarantee that your wife, girlfriend, daughter or even yourself will love! We’re focusing our attention on three fashion designers, globally known as fashion juggernauts when it comes to women’s fashion and accessories. Cartier, Dior & Chanel.

Experts when it comes to everything sparkly, and pioneers in the diamond and jewellery industry. We’ve got a few truly stunning style of women’s second hand Cartier watches at Miltons Diamonds, but one of our favourites is the Lady’s Ballon Bleu Watch. Oozing with classy style, the polish stainless steel and overall clean look of the watch adds that professional touch to any outfit!

For decades, Dior has been right up there with the biggest brands in the world, delivering high end fashion and jewellery. Offering unique style to any outfit, a Dior watch is certain to add a touch of class. The style we’ve chosen at Miltons Diamonds is certain to gain you some attention, the stainless steel works effortlessly against the diamond encrusted dial, a perfect gift for any lucky lady!

Chanel pretty much set the standard for high-end women’s fashion, and it’s certainly apparent when it comes to their ladies watches! If you’re looking for a watch that’s going to create an eye-catching style, then a Chanel watch is the perfect choice for you. The fashionable colouring and style will work incredibly well with any modern and fashion conscious woman!

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