Brand In Focus – Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is a designer watch brand that produces irresistible timepieces that convey power and luxury. Since the company was first established, they have continued to revolutionise the watch industry with its innovative designs and technical revolutions. Here at Miltons Diamonds, we are proud to offer this high end brand within our watch collection, where we feature a number of models from the Tag Heuer name.

History Of Tag Heuer

1860 – Founded in Switzerland by Edouard Heuer

1882 – Edouard patented his first chronograph watch

1887 – Edouard patented the oscillating pinion which today, is used by many watchmakers in chronograph designs

1911 – Heuer patented the Time of Trip, a dashboard chronograph used in automobiles

1914 – Heuer’s first wrist chronograph is produced

1920’s – Tag Heuer is the official timekeeper of the Olympic games

1933 – Heuer created the Autavia, a dashboard timer used in automobiles and the Hervue, a clock that could run for eight days without being wound

1950’s – Tag Heuer starts designing watches for clothing brand Abercrombie and Fitch. The seafarer and the Auto graph were the first watches to be sold by the fashion retailer

1960’s – Tag Heuer watches became popular among automobile drivers and the brand becomes a leading name in stopwatches and timers

1962 – The brand becomes the first Swiss watch in space. John Glenn wears a Tag Heuer stopwatch on his space flight. That same stopwatch is still on display in the San Diego air and space museum

1970’s – The brand creates the Chronosplit, a digital chronograph watch with LED and LCD display

Celebrity Style

Over the years, many famous faces have endorsed the brand, including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton. Steve McQueen also wore the Monaco model in the movie, Le Mans. It is now referred to as the McQueen Monaco.

Did You Know?

Tag Heuer derives its name from the slogan ‘Techniques Avant Garde’ and the founder’s surname.

Tag Heuer at Miltons

We feature a selection of second hand Tag Heuer watches here at Miltons Diamonds. Take a look below at some of our latest models.


Tag Heuer Link Silver Dial Quartz


Tag Heuer Formula Indy 500


Tag Heuer Aquaracer Blue Dial Gents Watch 2009


Tag Heuer Formula 1 Ladies Watch Black Dial


Tag Heuer Aquaracer Ladies Pre Owned Blue Dial


Tag Heuer Ladies Diamond Bezel 2005

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