Digital Vs Analogue Watches

Here at Miltons Diamonds we pride ourselves in offering an extensive array of timepieces, that allow everyone to embrace their personal style. Whether you prefer analogue or digital watches we are sure you will find the design for you, whilst also learning a little more about the piece you have chosen.

Technology is continuously evolving and over the past few decades watches have developed significantly. But when it comes to time, do you really know the difference between digital and analogue watches?

Analogue watches and clocks use a mechanism to indicate time. An analogue watch tells the time with hands around a dial, the position of the hands is the measurement of what time it is. Although you may think that this seems extremely straightforward, the point in the movement of the hands over the dial represents passing time.


This style tends to be popular with many people, especially with current fashion trends. Analogue watches can vary in price depending on the design, materials and manufacturer name.

Digital watches and clocks use a ‘digit’, representing a finger to display the time. The digit implies that things can be counted on fingers, this indicates the numbers. Unlike analogue, digital watches use numbers to show the time and also display seconds. To date digital watches may be equipped with advanced features such as calendars, calculators, thermometers and much more.


Depending on how many features your chosen digital watch holds can determine the price. Complex digital watches can mean a larger price tag than your basic style.

We are home to a variety of both analogue and digital designs here at Miltons Diamonds. Whether you’re looking for a Breitling with both analogue and digital elements, a classic Rolex or a traditional Tag Heuer – we know you’ll find the style for you from our extensive selection of men’s and women’s watches.

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