Aprils Birthstone is Diamond, Interesting Diamond Snippets?

If you are lucky enough to be born in April then you have the birthstone Diamond, the most precious of gemstones. So every year on your birthday it’s a great excuse to ask for diamonds, diamonds and even more diamonds. At Miltons Diamonds we are happy to bring you some interesting snippets from the diamond world and a few of our favourite sparkling designs that you can purchase at the click of a button.

Interesting Diamond Facts

The most obscure setting…

From rings to pendants, car dashboards to mobile phones, diamonds look great set into everything… but do they? One of the strangest things to set a diamond in which we have heard of has to be contact lenses, we don’t know the ins and outs of it, but for approximately £10,000 you too could have an ultra sparkly gaze!

The Pink Star

Being the most precious gemstone on the planet diamonds are never going to be cheap, but the price of the ‘Pink Star’, the most expensive diamond sold at auction is phenomenal.  A vivid pink diamond sold at auction for £52,000,000 and was a massive 59.60ct! However according to Forbes magazine, the bill was never settled and the stone remains in the auction house inventory.

Raining Diamonds?

Diamonds can be found all over the world, the largest mine by area can be found in Orapa, Botswana. But going further afield according to BBC reports scientist believe that it could rain diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter.  In Britain we are always moaning about the weather but this would just take it to a whole new level, you would need an industrial umbrella just to walk to the shops.

April Birthstone Gifts

We have been trading in luxury watches and diamonds for years, and our passion for diamonds has evolved with the business. With an extensive array of cuts and colours we have a great selection of diamond jewellery suitable for all budgets, ranging from £100-£50,0000+.

One of our most exquisite rings has to be the Pre-Owned 5.28ct Heart Cut Ring, this luxurious piece really has the wow factor and is the perfect investment for anyone who is looking to put their savings into jewellery.

If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring that is sure to make her smile, and say yes! Why not consider one of our elegant diamond rings?

Offering a range of styles to suit every budget, choose from the classic solitaire, contemporary halo, simplistic eternity and much more. A favourite here at Miltons Diamonds has to be the Pre-Owned Platinum Diamond Halo Ring. This sparkling halo setting is sure to seal the deal during any proposal, finished with an array of diamonds to the band and setting – she is sure to love this gorgeous ring.

Maybe you’ve hinted at some jewellery if your birthday is in April, and what better option than diamonds! From necklaces to pendants, bracelets to bangles – the options are endless. At Miltons Diamonds we bring both pre owned and new designs to you, allowing you to purchase the perfect gift or treat for yourself.

The Pre-Owned Diamond Heart Cartier Necklace is an excellent option if you’re looking to spoil someone with an April birthday. Finished with a white gold setting and sparkling diamond touches, this stunning piece is sure to sit perfectly against any outfit day or night. Making the investment that little bit more worthwhile!

If she is a lover of delicate jewellery, why not opt for the Pre-Owned White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet? The perfect design for those who like layering jewellery or wearing alone, this ultra feminine tennis bracelet will give the illusion that diamonds have been draped around the wrist.

Alternatively why not take a look at our complete collection of diamond jewellery for the perfect April birthstone gift!

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