Miltons Diamonds Birthstone Guide

Birthstones are gems that relate to different months of the year. Each month has its own dedicated stone and each gemstone represents a different meaning or strength. Birthstones can also be related to each zodiac sign or star sign, and even the day of the week you were born on! Many people choose to give birthstone jewellery as a personal or meaningful gift.

The origins of birthstones dates back thousands of years, to a time when it was understood that gemstones could have an affect on the wearer. It was believed that each birthstone ‘offers’ the wearer a certain characteristic, such as wealth, good health and happiness. Today, the popularity of birthstone jewellery is still prevalent, making them popular gift options for jewellery fans.
We’ve put together a simple birthstone guide to help you find the right gemstone jewellery for a loved one – or even to discover what your own birthstone is and the meaning behind it.

Birthstone Guide
Month Birthstone Colour Meaning
January Garnet Dark Red Trust, loyalty & consistency
February Amethyst Purple Sincerity, peace & health
March Aquamarine Light Blue Happiness & understanding
April Diamond Clear Innocence, love & courage
May Emerald Green Good fortune & fidelity
June Pearl White Balance, joy & beauty
July Ruby Red Wisdom, health & strength
August Peridot Light Green Power, influence & success
September Sapphire Navy Calmness, wisdom & truth
October Opal or tourmaline Pink Balance, endurance & hope
November Topaz Orange Friendship, focus &  confidence
December Turquoise or zircon Blue/Green Wisdom, wealth & patience

Not only do the monthly gemstones hold the power of different strengths and characters, each colour also reflects a significant meaning, for example the deep red ruby can indicate passion and light green peridot can symbolise serenity.

Birthstone jewellery at Miltons Diamonds

If you’re looking for birthstone jewellery in order to treat a loved one for a special occasion, why not browse the selection of second hand jewellery available at Miltons Diamonds where you’re guaranteed to discover a suitable product. We currently feature an array of topaz, diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire jewellery within our secondhand and pre owned jewellery collection, and we can assure authenticity with every piece.

With birthstone jewellery gifts you’re able to offer the recipient your good wishes for them, or to reinforce their current strengths and values. They can proudly display their birthstone pendant or earrings everyday, or save their special gemstone jewellery gift for a special occasion

Whether you’re seeking a birthstone pendant, ring or pair of earrings, each piece of gemstone jewellery will display in fine clarity it’s potential and refined style. Set in contemporary white gold or traditional yellow gold, our gemstone jewellery options will perfectly encapsulate the meaning you’re hoping to reflect onto your loved one as a birthstone gift that they will cherish forever. With Miltons Diamonds you can even expand your search for gemstone jewellery to watches with our ranges of Rolex watches which feature ruby gemstones and pearl detail.

Many of our birthstone jewellery display the wondrous combination of a coloured gemstone with diamond for a luxurious overall look. From cluster rings to drop earrings and beyond, the careful attention to detail behind each and every piece ensures that a birthstone gift will provide life long enjoyment. The colourful jewellery will become a timeless classic in any jewellery collection, and the owner can easily coordinate with other jewellery items that feature the same birthstone. Simply search for the gemstone you require to view the jewellery available from our secondhand jewellery and new jewellery collections.

Carrying the luck of your birthstone in the form of emerald earrings, a sapphire ring or a peridot pendant can work wonders for self confidence and belief in oneself. Gemstones set in an array of different jewellery options, you’re truly spoilt for choice with ways to spoil your loved one. July ladies can marvel at dark red ruby earrings to display her loyalty and passion, whilst those born in May can feel blessed with good fortune as she wears her emerald bracelet. With April birthdays, a diamond engagement ring will have a double meaning!

Whether you wish to give a loved one strength, good fortune, love or success, treat a loved one to a birthstone gift from Milton Diamonds today as a meaningful gesture of love and celebration. We offer beautiful second hand jewellery and new products to suit every budget and requirement, and with so many design options available you’re guaranteed to discover the perfect gemstone jewellery gift. Plus, with our next day delivery option also available, a birthstone jewellery gift is an excellent last minute present!

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