A Guide To Autumn Accessories

With a new season comes a parade of brand new fashion trends, whether it’s new and exciting designs or a fresh take on your current clothing and accessorising essentials. It offers the perfect opportunity to change up your style and try something new with your wardrobe, with plenty of options out there to take your pick. Due to the turn in weather, some accessories are, without a doubt, essentials during the colder months, such as cosy hats, scarves and gloves to shield you from the elements. However, here at Miltons Diamonds, we believe that being able to incorporate your jewellery into multiple outfits is just as important, which is why we’ve created a helpful guide to show you exactly how to update your autumn style with the right jewellery to complement your look. 

Read on to see our favourite autumn style tips that you’re bound to be trying out this season.

Go for Metals that Fit in with Autumn Fashion

When it comes to autumn jewellery, you should first establish what your metal of choice will be, as this provides you with a great starting point for building your autumn collection. You might already have a go-to metal that you tend to wear frequently, but there are several options that work extremely well during the autumn season. The use of rose gold in jewellery is an extremely popular trend that has shown no signs of slowing any time soon. Its blush pink tones and wearable aesthetic makes it an excellent choice for accessorising during autumn, and it combines well with other metals, meaning that you can mix and match your pieces to create a look that you love.

If rose gold isn’t for you, why not incorporate yellow gold into your collection instead? Offering a warmth that is ideal for autumn, a yellow gold hue complements the colours of the season beautifully and is flattering when paired with gemstone and diamond. Our range of second-hand jewellery has an array of rose gold and yellow gold pieces to choose from and are made with expert craftsmanship to meet the highest of standards.

Choose Colours that Fit in with Autumnal Fashion Trends

Each season has a colour scheme attached to it which represents the turning of the season as well as the changes in the environment during these particular months. Summer is typically linked to light and pastel colours, whereas winter brings about darker, more rich colours such as deep red and emerald green. Using your jewellery choices as a way to inject some autumnal vibes into your look is easier than ever with the array of colours to choose from.

Ochre or mustard – This deep orange and yellow hue resembles the autumn leaves on the ground and can be incorporated into your jewellery collection using the alluring hues of orange topaz or orange tourmaline gemstone for a pop of colour.

Brown – This earthy shade can replace any neutral colour during the autumn and winter seasons. Tigers eye crystal paired with golden bands are an ideal choice to display this beautiful shade, such as in a pendant or bracelet.

Purple – A rich purple shade is a flattering choice that suits all skin tones while also working well in the form of any jewellery item. Try amethyst gemstone jewellery to create your perfect autumnal aesthetic.

Red – This versatile colour transcends well over two seasons as it is suitable for autumn as well as the festive season. Ruby and garnet jewellery set in yellow gold is a classic jewellery composition to adorn yourself with.

Here at Miltons Diamonds, we have a wonderful selection of gemstone jewellery that incorporates autumnal colours into their superb designs, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings.

Autumn Jewellery Styles

So which style is best? While you can choose any variety of jewellery options to showcase your unique style, there are a number of trends that have become popular in recent years, the first of these being jewellery that features precious gems such as ruby and emerald. A chic, contemporary choice for every day, gemstones have very much made a comeback and are now a staple for any jewellery collection, whether it’s a necklace or earrings. Another exciting trend that continues to come back, again and again, is the chain necklace, a versatile piece that can either be purchased in simple, minimal styles or adorned with stunning autumnal embellishments. Browse our collection of women’s jewellery to see what we have to offer.

Autumn Watches

Another way to give your jewellery box a seasonal update is to treat yourself to a brand new watch to elevate your autumnal style. Our secondhand watches for ladies and gents should be your first port of call when choosing a watch suitable for the season. We have some great pre-owned Rolex watches available, featuring beautiful coloured dials and a fabulous mix of metals for you to choose from. The Rolex Datejust range offers stunning contrast metals of rose gold and stainless steel with delicate dials that coordinate perfectly with other jewellery pieces.

Browse our premium range of second-hand jewellery and pre-owned watches here at Miltons Diamonds and see exactly how we can help you to update your accessory collection this autumn and brighten up any dull and dreary day!

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