A Guide To Autumn Accessorising

With a new season comes a fresh take on your current wardrobe and accessorising style, which can be an exciting task to embrace. Due to the turn in the weather, some accessories are without a doubt essential to our happiness during the chillier months such as cosy scarves and hats – but what about autumn-friendly jewellery?

Read on for our helpful guide to autumn accessorising that will hopefully give you some food for thought when it comes to updating your look with jewellery for the upcoming months.

Choose your metals

Perhaps you have a personal preference towards metals and all of your jewellery tends to be created with the same metal, making it easy to coordinate jewellery with minimal effort. But whether you’re hoping to add something completely new to your usual jewellery collection, or want to stick with your favourite metal, it’s good to get an idea of what works best for different seasons. The popular rose gold trend has shown no signs of disappearing and the blush pink tones of rose gold jewellery is perfect for autumn accessorising! Rose gold can also sit well with other metals if you’re keen on adding a piece to your regular jewellery. Another classic is the warmth of yellow gold, which is a good way to update your jewellery for autumn. Yellow gold earrings are especially flattering, and with the addition of diamond detailing of other gemstone embellishments, you’ve got the ideal autumn earring look.

Our range of second hand earrings encompasses a wide range of premium quality metals and offer many different styles, suitable for everyday wear or for special occasions. Yellow gold hoops can really brighten up a dull autumnal day!

Autumnal colours

Most seasons have a colour scheme attached to it that perfectly echo the turning of the season and changing environment during those particular months. Summer is typically linked to light colours and pastel colours, whereas winter can increase the need for darker, more rich colours, such as deep red and emerald green. Of course, there’s no hard and fast rules for this!

So with that being said, what colours work well in autumn? An autumnal colour palette is probably one of the most easily recognised group of colours that can be connected with a particular season, and this means that they can be easily worked into your outfit. Using your jewellery choices as a way to inject some autumnal vibes into a look, whether it’s for the office or during downtime – opt for gemstone jewellery that feature these shades for an instant update:

  • Ochre or mustard – A true classic colour for autumn, the deep orange of ochre and mustard reflect the browning leaves on the ground – a sign of the changing season. Consider the alluring hues of orange topaz or a unique orange tourmaline gemstone ring for a pop of colour.
  • Brown – This is an earthy shade that can take the place of any neutral colour during the autumn and winter months. Tigers eye crystal with golden bands can be the ideal choice to display this shade – look for a tigers eye pendant which has been said to hold ancient talisman properties!
  • Purple – Another rich shade comes in the form of purple which is such a flattering colour that suits all skintones and works well in the form of any jewellery item. Amethyst gemstone jewellery is perfect for autumn.
  • Red – This is a versatile colour that transcends well over two seasons as it looks fantastic during the autumn months, and right through to the festive period. Ruby and garnet jewellery set in yellow gold is a classic jewellery composition.

In our extensive range of second hand jewellery there are some wonderful gemstone jewellery options that incorporate autumnal colours in their superb designs – from necklaces that offer a pop of colour with a ruby gemstone to coloured gemstone earrings.

Embrace jewellery layering

Long gone are the days of wearing one singular piece of jewellery on your finger, wrist or around your neck. Layering jewellery has become a fashionable route for many jewellery lovers as it gives them the perfect excuse for displaying their favourite pieces all at once! From stacking multiple rings to wearing several bracelets, this bohemian-inspired jewellery trend for autumn will change the way you think about how you wear your jewellery.

Even if you prefer to stick to just one single ring on a finger, why not add a few others to the other hand to reflect the layering trend? Opt for one kind of gemstone and have one main cocktail ring that features the colourful gem, with several plain or textured rings around it to add to the look. Similarly, with necklaces and pendants it’s so easy to layer them so that each piece compliments the other – go for different length chains for an exaggerated layering finish.

Autumn watches

Not only does your jewellery box require a seasonal update, but a brand new watch for the new season can really elevate your autumnal style. Our selection of secondhand watches for ladies and gents should be your first port of call when it comes to choosing an autumn-ready watch. We have some great pre-owned Rolex watches that reflect the above points about accessorising for autumn, with coloured dials and a fabulous mix of metals on offer. The Rolex Datejust range offers beautiful contrasting metals of rose gold and stainless steel with beautiful dials that would coordinate perfectly with other jewellery.

So there you have our tips on how to accessorise this autumn. The key elements to consider for autumn jewellery include:

  • Choosing the correct metals
  • Opting for traditionally autumnal colours
  • Layering up jewellery
  • Investing in a new watch that reflects the autumn trends

Browse the ranges of second hand jewellery and pre owned watches here at Miltons Diamonds and see how we can help you update your accessory collection this autumn and winter time.

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