A Guide To Ladies Luxury Watches

Ladies Luxury Watches

A designer watch is a fabulous accessory that makes a true statement with every wear, and for men and women, a luxury watch can be the ultimate investment in their fashion choices. Whether you’re thinking of taking your watch collection to the next level with a luxurious premium addition, or would like some guidance on how to buy the perfect designer watch for a women, then read ahead for some valuable watch buying advice from Miltons Diamonds.

How to choose a luxury watch for her

We’re sure that the visible style of a watch will make all the difference when it comes to buying a designer watch for yourself or a loved one, but there are other characteristics and questions to think about when looking for that ideal timepiece. Of course, we understand that it can be difficult to answer these questions on behalf of a loved one if you plan of buying a watch as a gift, so maybe address them for yourself in the first instance.

Here are some key elements to consider when it comes to purchasing your first luxury watch:

    • Are you wanting to wear the watch daily or save it for special occasions?
    • What type of metal jewellery do you tend to wear?
    • What is your personal style?
    • Will you prefer a sports watch, jewellery watch or dress watch?
  • Do you want a bracelet or leather watch strap?

These questions are just food for thought before making an investment in a new watch for yourself to ensure that you’re making the right choice that will fit into your personal style perfectly! It can also help to focus on a designer watch brand at a time, from Rolex to Cartier, to get a feel of the different watch models that each luxury brand offer, and what to expect from your chosen watch.

Buying a designer watch as a gift

If you’re feeling generous and would like to treat the lady in your life to a luxury watch, then the key elements and questions above will still remain relevant to the purchase. When is she most likely to be wearing the watch? What metals does she prefer? If you get it right, a designer watch for women can be a most cherished gift that they can wear time and again.

Take a look at her existing jewellery collection to get a feel for the type of metals she tends to prefer. Coordinating jewellery by metal is important to many individuals as per their personal style, so buying a white gold watch might not work well with her all yellow gold jewellery collection – however some people do enjoy mixing up their metals. By also considering her established watch collection, you can also get an idea of her preferred watch designs which will no doubt help you in choosing her new watch. If she wears a watch everyday to work, would a leather watch strap work better than an elegant bracelet watch? If she’s all about understated watch designs with minimal or subtle detailing, then it makes sense to avoid a designer watch dripping in diamonds!

Designer watches at Miltons Diamonds

After researching the key elements of what to look for when buying a luxury watch, it’s time to browse through our collection of ladies watches here at Miltons Diamonds to give you some ideas on which timepiece that you, or the lady in your life, would enjoy. There are some hidden gems to be discovered in our womens watches range with some of the most sought-after models available.

We stock some stunning second hand watches for women some are even unworn and are definitely worth considering, as we only resell the best models that we believe our customers would love. After undergoing rigorous testing against our watch condition guidelines by our in-house experts, our second hand Rolex watches are destined for good things! There are so many beautiful ladies Rolex watches available that display the finest quality materials and design elements, such as diamond detailing and stunning metal combinations.

If you’re considering buying a ladies Rolex watch from our pre owned Rolex watch range, there are many models to browse through, including the popular Rolex Datejust and and Rolex Yacht-Master models. Opt for popular rose gold and stainless steel for a contemporary designer watch option that would make a fantastic addition to any existing accessory collection, or embrace the classic 18ct yellow gold watch look for a timeless fashionable impression. Coloured dials offer another dimension to the look of a watch, so take a look at those Rolex watches with various colours for more choice. A wonderfully feminine watch is the Rolex Pearlmaster with its iridescent pearl dial face.

For peace of mind, we offer a two year warranty on all of our Rolex watches and many of our of second hand Rolex watches come complete with their original box and papers.

We hope that you’ve taken some inspiration from our luxury watch buying guide for ladies. Browse the complete ladies Rolex watches department here at Miltons Diamonds for some beautiful designer watches.

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