10 Gifts To Surprise Your Other Half With On Your Wedding Day

A wedding can be such an emotionally charged day, with family and friends coming together to witness the coming together of two individuals who love each other deeply. Wedding day traditions often rule that bridesmaids and groomsmen receive special gifts of thanks from the bride and groom for taking on their duty and supporting them during the occasion, with anything from small trinkets to luxurious presents being given with thanks. But what about when it comes to giving gifts to each other as a couple on your wedding day?

It’s certainly becoming more popular for newlyweds to exchange gifts on their wedding day as an extra special touch to the event, so with this in mind, at Miltons Diamonds we’ve put together our top 10 gifts to surprise your other half with on your wedding day!

A Luxury Timepiece

If you’ve got a larger budget that you’re prepared to spend on your significant other to mark the occasion of your wedding day, then a designer watch will suit the need for a memorable surprise wedding day gift. How about a pair of matching Rolex watches?

Rolex Watches

The perfect decadent wedding day gifts to each other, a pair of Rolex watches will no doubt appeal to those seeking an attractive token of their love. In our collection of Rolex Datejust watches for men and women we have some spectacular designs that will showcase your impeccable taste effortlessly. Both of you can wear a Rolex Datejust that has that distinctive combination of yellow gold and steel, or similarly styled diamond dials for wedding day gift perfection.

Unique Cufflinks

It’s a recognised wedding day tradition to get the groomsmen cufflinks as a gift, but treating the man in your life to a special set of cufflinks as he becomes your husband is a great way to surprise him. He could even wear them for the wedding day itself, proudly displaying your meaningful gift to him for everyone to see.

An excellent gift for the groom (with the possibility of matching with his groomsmen), you’re bound to find a pair of cufflinks to suit his style in our excellent men’s cufflinks collection. The sterling silver top hat cufflinks could be the ideal wedding gift for a groom, whilst other designs such as Deakin and Francis oval cufflinks in various colourways.

Diamond Earrings

When it comes to gifts for the brides, a traditional choice is a pair of stunning diamond earrings. A simple yet beautiful set of 9ct yellow gold diamond stud earrings are wonderfully understated but completely wearable so that she can wear them daily if she so wishes.

A dazzling pair of diamond cluster earrings in 18ct white gold deliver a bigger statement if the bride prefers her jewellery to have a more powerful presence in her overall look. The extra diamonds provide more sparkle that she’s bound to love!    

Something Blue

Another gift to surprise your other half with on your wedding day is to treat the bride to ‘something blue’ to go with the tradition of wearing a blue item on her wedding day. A piece of jewellery with sapphire or aquamarine gemstones will go down a storm with your bride, as the piece of jewellery will be given to her by the love of her life.

For a modern wedding gift for the bride, an 18ct white gold aquamarine ring may be just the thing to take the place of ‘something blue’. This will work really well if your wedding bands are also white gold. Alternatively, the iconic mix of sapphire and 18ct yellow gold in the form of a statement necklace can be a sound gift that she’ll be able to enjoy wearing at special occasions. It’s something that she can keep and wear for anniversaries to come that will remind her of her special day.

A Wedding Bangle

Bangles are such a chic jewellery design which can be creatively dressed up with the addition of diamonds or act as a stylish accessory as a simple plain yellow gold or white gold bangle on the wrist. For extra personalisation and to make it a perfect gift for a bride, have the ladies bangle engraved with the date of your wedding for that extra lovely touch.  

Our selection of bracelets and bangles are a fine display of intricate craftsmanship, making it the ideal place to search for a gift for the bride on her wedding day. Tie in the ‘something blue’ theme with a 9ct white gold sapphire and diamond bangle which offers a delicate look with round brilliant cut sapphire stones interspersed with beautifully clear diamonds. If simplicity is key when it comes to her favoured jewellery style, opt for a sophisticated 9ct white gold 3 stone diamond bracelet to add extra meaning to her jewellery collection.   

As the big day draws ever closer, we hope that this selection of wedding day gifts for each other from our designer watches and jewellery departments will inspire your choice. Surprise your new life partner with a gift from Miltons Diamonds that they can treasure forever.   

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