Why Diamonds Really Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamond Ring

The timeless nature of a diamond is truly what makes it such a versatile and popular component in many jewellery pieces. With the appeal of old school glamour, synced with the fact that this gemstone will never fail to be en vogue, diamond jewellery is the only option for many women looking for that special piece to grace their existing jewellery collection. There are endless guides to buying diamonds to showcase the benefit of owning the perfect pair of diamond earrings, or how to buy a diamond engagement ring, so today at Miltons Diamonds we are taking a closer look into why diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.

Why choose diamond jewellery?

As Marilyn Monroe famously serenaded us with, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend when it comes to choosing special jewellery. Diamonds are a well liked gemstone and are synonymous with luxury and glamour. If you’re looking for what diamonds sparkle the most, or which type is the best for your particular needs, browsing our diamond jewellery collection is bound to provide plenty of dazzling inspiration.

The classic engagement ring has historically always been a beautiful diamond ring, before other gemstones and styles started to become popular in contemporary times, with those wishing to own an alternative engagement ring. An eye-catching diamond ring of various cuts and sizes never fails to impress, and can work well set in 18ct yellow gold and white gold just as well. A diamond ring or a pair of diamond earrings are also easy to coordinate with other jewellery items that the wearer may own, making them versatile and easy to style with other pieces.

Are there different types of diamond?

There are many different cuts of diamond available which refers to the shape of the diamond stone itself, which will essentially affect the stones ability to reflect light. The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond cut that you will see in diamond earrings, following a stunning marquise cut, emerald cut and princess cut all proving to be well favoured among diamond fans.

Though we mainly think of diamonds as being white or ‘clear’ in colour, there are in fact many different coloured diamonds with yellow being the most common type, and white, blue and red diamonds being the most rare. There are also different diamond clarity grades to consider when it comes to buying diamond jewellery.

Second hand diamond jewellery at Miltons Diamonds

As our company name suggests, we are passionate about offering our customers the very best diamond jewellery and our range of second hand diamond jewellery will attract those looking to get a piece of special jewellery.  Whether you’re searching for a special pair of diamond earrings to give as a gift to a loved one for them to cherish forever, or simply wishing to treat yourself to a luxurious pick-me-up in the form of some diamonds, we’ll have something for your needs at Miltons Diamonds.

Diamond earrings

A stunning pair of diamond earrings can take the form of any earring style; a chandelier earring design reserved for special occasions may be adorned with small diamond stones, whilst a set of diamond stud earrings can be an understated way of wearing diamonds daily. Diamond earrings are a staple jewellery item that many women have in their collection due to the instant glamour that can be experienced by wearing them with other diamond pieces such as a bracelet or coordinated with a special diamond ring.

Diamond rings

Diamond rings, whether they are an engagement ring or eternity ring, come in a multitude of different designs. A solitaire diamond ring is an elegant engagement ring option that will appeal to those who enjoy understated jewellery, and this style works well with the simplistic design of a wedding band. Alternatively, multiple diamonds or diamonds set with coloured gemstones such as sapphires and rubies, can look sublime as an eternity ring. The addition of diamonds alongside coloured gemstones really offsets the vibrancy of the jewel tones, making them a great companion to many coloured gemstones.

For more information on how to purchase the perfect piece of diamond jewellery, take some time to browse through our ring buying guide to ensure you’re making the best jewellery investment for you.

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