How To Style Mixed Metal Jewellery

One of the latest jewellery trends for 2018 is wearing mixed metal jewellery, which seems to go against everything we’re accustomed to doing when it comes to coordinating our jewellery. It has long been the rule that yellow golds are worn together, and the same with white gold, sterling silver and palladium respectively. But now that variety and asymmetry are popular elements of jewellery design and fashion, and the mixed metals jewellery look gives each metal a chance to shine. Here at Miltons Diamonds, we’re going to show you how to style mixed metal jewellery so that you can forget the traditional jewellery rules and try something new with your favourite pieces.

Why mix metals?

Fans of a specific metal will no doubt wonder why mixing metal jewellery has become such a popular jewellery trend. Mixing metals in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets can create a unique look for yourself, and the different metal tones actually complement each other better than you would expect. The cool tone of white gold against a warm rose gold can be a surprisingly wearable statement look that delivers a refreshing change from the norm. Mixing metals also means that you’re not restricted to one particular metal at a time – a favourite yellow gold bracelet can be worn with a sterling silver bangle and still look fabulous. A combination of different metals also works strikingly well with diamonds, so there’s yet another bonus for you and your jewellery collection.

How to wear mixed metal jewellery

When it comes to mixing metals, there are so many ways to do it well. Here are just a few ways to style mixed metal jewellery and incorporate pieces into your everyday jewellery and outfit choices.

Miltons Diamonds Second Hand Bracelet

Pre-designed mixed metals

If you’re unsure how to wear mixed metal jewellery, the easiest place to begin is to search for a piece of jewellery that already mixes metals in its design. A good way to tie a jewellery look together is to opt for a specially created piece that incorporates the mixed metal look perfectly for you, as the design will already look refined and well-balanced. Tri-coloured jewellery or pieces that feature white gold and rose gold, for example, are eye catching yet elegant. well-balanced. Tri-coloured jewellery or pieces that feature white gold and rose gold, for example, are eye catching yet elegant.

Stacked metals

Another way to wear mixed metal jewellery is to opt for stackable rings in multiple metals so that the pieces can sit effortlessly next to one another. Whether you opt for plain rings or rings embellished with gemstones, the look of two different metals next to one another can look truly wonderful. A good example of this can be seen with engagement rings and wedding rings. Yellow gold has traditionally been seen as an essential metal for engagement rings and wedding bands, but more recently, white gold has been a popular choice. Why not step outside the realms of tradition and opt for a white gold engagement ring alongside a yellow gold wedding band? It’s a great way to showcase the mixed metals look daily.

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Bracelets are another easy jewellery item for stacking your metals. Layer up your chain bracelets and bangles in various metals, from yellow gold to platinum, to create an attractive array of beautiful colours that sit perfectly alongside each other on your wrist. Charm bracelets are another great opportunity to place various metals next to each other to create one stunning jewellery piece. A yellow gold charm bracelet with charms of white gold and platinum fuse the different metals together into one combined, stylish jewellery item.

Metal tone accessories

Consider the metal hardware on shoes and bags as part of the mixing metals trend to create a complete look that includes your jewellery and accessories. Gold plated hardware on buckles or bag fastenings can work really well with platinum metal jewellery. Stack mixed metal bangles and bracelets and pick a tone from there to match with a metallic clutch bag for a finish that appears to be well coordinated and thought out. Men can also style the mixed metals trend with cufflinks and their choice of metals when it comes to wedding bands and chains.

Rolex Datejust 178273 - Midsize Bi-Colour Watch - Gold Dial - 2006

Watches are an ideal accessory to take advantage of when mixing metals. There are many watch designs that successfully incorporate multiple metal tones in one succinct piece for an attractive timepiece that can be worn alone or styled with bracelets. Try browsing our exemplary range of second hand Rolex watches for watch designs that blend metals perfectly.

At Miltons Diamonds you’re invited to take a look at our range of mixed metal jewellery in our second hand jewellery and new jewellery departments where you’ll find a variety of mixed metal jewellery designs to suit your personal tastes. Take note of our suggested ways to style mixed metal jewellery and embrace the latest jewellery trend with confidence.

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