How To Find Your Ring Size

Today at Miltons Diamonds we’re looking at how to find your ring size to ensure the perfect fit so that you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your jewellery. If you’re looking to surprise a loved one with a ring as a gift or engagement ring, we also suggest ways to get their ring measurement without ruining the surprise!

Finding your ring size

The key behind buying a well fitting ring that is comfortable and a joy to wear is to ensure that you are getting the right size ring for your finger. Many cheap dress rings are labelled as standard Small, Medium and Large sizes, but they aren’t entirely accurate. Luxury rings made from precious metals are measured using an A-Z format. There are a couple of ways to find your ring size easily, which include:

Plastic ring sizer: One way to find your true ring size is to use a specifically designed plastic ring sizer which is an adjustable sizer that can be placed around the desired finger and tightened to fit your finger. Slide the sizer on and off your finger to check that a ring that size can be removed comfortably. The letter that the ring sizer reveals is your ring size. Ring sizers can be purchased online from a number of outlets.

Ask a professional: You can pop into a jewellers to use their ring sizers to get the right measurement for your future ring buying endeavours. This is often the most accurate way to find your ring size.

String & ruler: Another way to find your ring size if you don’t have access to a plastic ring sizer tool, is to use a piece of string and wrap it around the base of the finger. It should feel snug, but again, you should be able to fit the string over the knuckle comfortably. Use a pen to mark where the ends of the string overlap, then use a ruler to measure the length of the string in millimetres to find the number to use when referring to a ring size chart.

A simple way to find the ring size of another person without them knowing is to simply take one of their own rings andplace it against an online ring sizer which comprises of different size rings that correspond with the correct measurements in the table above. Again, it’s also possible to take a ruler and measure the inside diameter of the ring before referring to the ring measurement chart to find the true ring size. These can also be done to discover the actual size of a ring that you already own for future reference.

Tips for measuring for your ring size

When measuring your own fingers to check for ring size, consider doing this when your hands are warm due to our fingers’ propensity to shrink when they’re cold. Measuring around your fingers on an evening is also the best time to find the most accurate reading as this is when they are naturally at their largest during the day. Also, it is wise to be mindful of the type of ring you plan to get – those with a wide band will fit slightly tighter, so going up a size may be necessary.

Once you’ve confirmed the ring size for yourself or the person you’re hoping to buy for, its time to browse through the fantastic collections of rings we stock at Miltons Diamonds. You’ll find a whole host of different ring styles to please all jewellery tastes, and with our range of second hand rings you can discover special pieces to add to your existing ring collection. If you want to choose something unique, discover more about our custom jewellery services.

If you like a ring that we have in stock but it is the wrong size don’t worry, we can easily size most rings. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you’re choosing an extra special ring for your significant other, be sure to read our how to pick an engagement ring guide for tips on how to find the right style she’ll love.

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