Miltons Diamonds: The Bridal Jewellery Edit

Whether you’re searching for the perfect special gifts to present to your bridal party, or if you’re looking for the right accessories for your big day, Miltons Diamonds offers a fabulous range of luxury bridal jewellery to choose from. We’ve put together a bridal jewellery collection with an edit of our favourite wedding jewellery trends to help inspire your decision.

Wedding day jewellery
You may be about to receive the second most important jewellery item to mark your life long commitment in the form of a wedding band, which will sit alongside your engagement ring. But that’s not where it ends; bridal jewellery can also incorporate many other pieces. If you subscribe to the tradition of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’, then a family heirloom or jewellery from a relative may be worn to compliment your wedding dress. Likewise, to satisfy the ‘something old’ element, a piece of second hand jewellery can be just the thing. But if you’d love to invest in the perfect piece of brand new wedding day jewellery to suit your exact tastes, there are many different styles of jewellery available that will sit perfectly within bridal jewellery territory.

Wedding jewellery trends
Timeless wedding day jewellery will surpass all trends that come and go, but it’s certainly interesting to take a look at the current bridal trends and see if any appeal to your tastes. Popular wedding day jewellery items gracing the aisles of venues lately include:

  • Choker necklaces: Embellished with elaborate gemstone details or a simple, pretty band, choker necklaces have been a popular accessory option at bridal fashion showcases for 2018.
  • Large chandelier earrings: Statement earrings are perfect for those brides who love expressing themselves through their accessories.
  • Celestial elements: Think stars and moons as a theme for modern bridal jewellery.

If you’re in tune with the latest jewellery trends that will certainly make a statement, or if you would like to embrace classic bridal jewellery elements, we’ve got you covered with vintage, contemporary and romantic inspired pieces.

While the vintage bridal jewellery might be catered for with the ‘something old’ saying, a ‘new’ vintage jewellery piece bought especially for the occasion can hold just as much meaning. Vintage inspired jewellery is a favoured style that will appeal to many different tastes. Classic yellow gold jewellery promises an attractive aesthetic, and it can be even better if it is a piece of pre owned jewellery that will provide that true vintage feel of belonging to another era.

Another way to introduce the vintage style to your wedding day is to opt for vintage inspired hair accessories which can be adorned with diamonds to match your bridal jewellery.

For modern brides, the contemporary wedding day jewellery trend will perhaps suit your tastes better. The previously mentioned en vogue bridal jewellery designs may appeal to you, but when it comes to bridal jewellery fit for a princess, you might want to opt for diamonds in a cool white gold setting. A diamond necklace or a pair of diamond studs can be all it takes to elevate your wedding day look, with beautiful glints of light refracted from each diamond adding a special something.

Express your feelings with your bridal jewellery on your big day by opting for romance-inspired pieces and heart shaped jewellery designs. We have some beautiful heart shaped jewellery at Miltons Diamonds such as necklaces and bracelets that can be coordinated or worn as a stand alone piece. As your wedding day is centred around the celebration of love, what better way to reflect that sentiment than by wearing romantic jewellery?

Heart shaped jewellery is also a good option if you’re searching for gifts to give to bridesmaids that they can cherish as a reminder of the part they played in your day. Matching diamond heart pendants for your bridesmaids to enjoy as a keepsake and token of appreciation would be a lovely gesture.

No matter your preferred bridal jewellery style, there will be something for every bride to enjoy selecting for her wedding day. Take some time to discover the stunning collection of womens jewellery at Miltons Diamonds in our ranges of new jewellery and special selection of second hand jewellery and shop your favourite wedding jewellery trend.

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