The Biggest Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

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It goes without saying that you want everything to be romantic and memorable when you get down on one knee to pop the question. Finding the right engagement ring can be a little tricky, but for those looking to propose in 2019, Miltons Diamonds has come up with definitive guide on next year’s on-trend engagement ring styles. Follow our advice, and you’re sure to find the perfect ring that will have your special someone saying “Yes” in a heartbeat.

Pear Cut Engagement Rings

The pear cut is a classic example of classic vintage design that is set to become one of the biggest 2019 trends for engagement rings. With so many huge names in the celebrity world flaunting their pear cut rings, such as actress and model Emily Ratajkowski, we’re expecting to see the demand for these unique engagement rings to skyrocket over the next year.

pear shaped engagement ring

Miltons Diamonds’ Most Exquisite Pear Cut Engagement Ring

At Miltons Diamonds, we have one of the most stunning examples of pear cut engagement rings. Made from 18ct gold and complete with a dazzling pear-shaped diamond, this ring is will leave your soon-to-be fiancée with only one word on her lips.

If you feel a pear cut engagement ring is right for your bride-to-be, but you’d like to see a wider array of bands and gems, we have an extensive collection of beautiful pear cut second hand engagement rings to help inspire you.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Over the last few years, white gold and platinum have become the go-to bands for engagement rings, but as stunning as they are, jewellers are finding an increase of brides looking for an engagement ring that’s a little different.

yellow gold engagement ring

Stunning Yellow Gold Engagement Ring From Miltons Diamonds

With that said, yellow gold bands are promising to become one of 2019’s biggest engagement ring trends. The warm colour tone of yellow gold is becoming more attractive to younger brides-to-be than the mainstream white gold and platinum bands, as many women are looking to showcase a more unique engagement ring with more of a classic, vintage look.

We have an inspiring collection of yellow gold engagement rings for you to peruse, all of which are just as unique and beautiful as your partner, so remember to take a moment to look through our whole collection.

Diamond Cluster Engagement Rings

Cluster rings have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few years, mainly thanks to high profile celebrities such as Jessica Biel, and more recently, Princess Eugenie, sporting the beautiful style on their own ring fingers. With a buzz still surrounding the engagement and marriage of the Princess of York earlier this year, cluster rings are set to become one of the biggest engagement ring trends going into 2019.

cluster engagement ring

Beautiful Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Made for capturing the attention of all who see it, diamond cluster engagement rings sparkle so brightly thanks to their design. With a stunning diamond in the centre of the ring, the main stone is encased by a halo of smaller gems to create a beautiful, dazzling look.

A diamond cluster engagement ring is one of the top choices for popping the question as it’s hard to go wrong with such an elegant piece of jewellery. Whether your partner prefers white gold, rose gold or platinum, you’re sure to find what sets your special someone’s eyes to sparkle with a diamond cluster engagement ring.

Hopefully, our guide to popular engagement rings has given you a few ideas to make 2019 a year both you and your partner will never forget. Remember to browse our full range of elegant engagement rings, and take some time to look over our second hand engagement rings for more beautiful pieces that are perfect for popping the question.

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