Watch Cleaning Tips

Watch Cleaning

Whether you wear your watch every day or save that luxury watch for special occasions, you’re going to want to keep it in top condition. There really is nothing like a well-cleaned watch, free from marks, dirt builds up and fingerprints. Today at Miltons Diamonds we’re going to offer some effective watch cleaning tips you can utilise in your own watch collection to make sure you’re getting the very best from your favourite timepiece.  

Store your watch correctly

Storing your watch correctly is a great first step in caring for your watch in the long term. Even inadvertently keeping a watch too close to a magnet, can negatively interfere with the timekeeping of a mechanical watch! So, rather than just removing your watch at the end of the day and placing it on your bedside table, where it is likely to gather dust or get scratched, it’s wise to invest in a specially designed watch box. Get into the habit of keeping your precious timepiece in a watch box to keep it in top condition.   

Clean your watch regularly

Wearing your watch daily will inevitably predispose it to general ‘wear and tear’. From small scratches to simple grime which can build up over time, it’s worthwhile taking note of the best ways to care for your watch. Even if you save a designer watch for special occasions, it can still benefit from a quick wipe clean to keep it in top condition.

The best way to clean stainless steel watches is to use a slightly damp, clean cloth to rub over the watch face and bracelet, being especially careful near any crown. This will remove the top layer of any built-up dirt or grease from fingerprints. Avoid immersing your watch in water, even if you know its water resistance, as it could damage the internal components if it is not sealed correctly.

Look after watch straps

Watch wrist straps can really have an effect on the overall appearance of the watch itself, so it’s a good idea to include them when cleaning or maintaining the condition of your timepiece.

Leather strap watches

The leather aspect of a watch wrist strap means that it will require some careful attention to avoid smells and discolouration. So when it comes to cleaning your premium leather wrist strap, avoid using a chemical cleaner as this can damage and alter the look of the surface of the leather. To aid this, use a lukewarm water and soap solution or purchase a specialist leather cleaner product, and use a clean, white cloth to rub over the leather. A white cloth will ensure no dye from the fabric is transferred onto the leather. For effective leather strap watch cleaning, rub the damp cloth on the inside and outside of the strap and leave to dry naturally.

Metal strap watches

Whether you own a stainless steel watch or gold watch, a regular clean to avoid unsightly dirt build up which can accrue over time will do it the world of good. The best way to clean a metal watch is to avoid submerging it in water as it can cause rust depending on the metal. A way to get around this is to again use a dampened cloth to thoroughly clean the metal strap inside and out. Aim to get in between any gaps and rivets as these areas are notorious for trapping dust and grime build up, a Cotton bud may be helpful for these areas. An important final step to remember is to dry the watch with a dry cloth thoroughly so that there’s no water left sitting on the metal.

Another watching cleaning tip is to research professional watch cleaning services. Professional jewellers will have the tools and expertise to know the best way to clean your watch safely and effectively.

Here at Miltons Diamonds, we want our customers to be armed with the knowledge of how to care for your watches in order to reap the benefits of a great timepiece over its entire lifetime. For functional yet sophisticated watch designs, you’ll find some impressive watches from popular designer watch brands such as Rolex and Breitling in our second-hand watches department. Browse our collections of ladies watches and mens watches today for designer watch inspiration.

Take our watch cleaning advice to keep your designer watch looking good with regular cleaning and servicing!

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