Rolex Watch: Aftercare Guide

A Rolex watch is perhaps one of the finest timepieces in the world. As well as looking sleek on the wrist, it has a sublime communicative power that says something about your status and taste. Rolex watches elegantly blend high functionality, performance and classic style elements to create the ultimate prestigious watch, boasting so many intricate and sophisticated collections, for both men and women, there’s a watch to suit everyone. 

Whether you’ve recently purchased a contemporary luxury watch, or you’ve been passed down a timepiece from another generation, both have come from a long line of history and innovative development. Here at Miltons Diamonds, we ensure your Rolex watch is at its optimal performance level at purchase. We want to ensure that this high level of presentation continues by providing everything you need to know in regards to cleaning, caring, and getting the most out of your watch.

Where is the serial number on my Rolex?

To find your Rolex serial number, you must on early Rolex watches look on the side of the case between the lugs at 6 o’clock. (The lugs are what the bracelet attaches to on the watch case). On these early watches, you would normally need to remove the bracelet to see the serial number. On later Rolex models they stopped putting the serial number between the lugs and moved the location to the inner rehaut,. The serial number should be a 4-8 digit number, this is engraved on every watch by Rolex. Your serial number can determine what the production date is. 

What year is my Rolex? 

Year Of ProductionSerial Number 
2008M or V
2007M or Z 
2006D or Z
2001K or Y
1991N,000,001 | X,000,001
1987R,000,001 | 9,400,000

How to change the time on a Rolex

Depending on the age of your watch, you may have special instructions for adjusting the time, day, or date of your watch.

How to wind a Rolex

how to wind a rolex

If your Rolex watch features an automatic self-winding mechanical movement, then the watch is not powered by a battery. Instead, it relies on an entirely mechanical movement that stores tension in a coiled spring – this unwinds and powers the watch. The self-winding perpetual movement found in Rolex watches winds itself throughout the day with the natural motion of you, the wearer’s, arm.

If you wear your Rolex daily, you won’t need to wind it. However, if you do take it off and it is set aside, then your Rolex watch will hold it’s charge for maybe a couple of days, depending on the Rolex model.  If your watch has been off your wrist for more than a few days, then the watch will stop. We would advise manually winding it when you set the time before putting it on. 

  1. Unscrew the winding crown from the side of the case. 

Grip the crown and rotate it towards you (counter-clockwise). Continue rotating until the crown is completely free from the threads and pops out to its natural position. Unlike setting the time, the crown should still be all the way inward, just free from the treads that secure it to the side of the case. 

  1. Rotate the winding crown away from you and towards the 12 o’clock location (clockwise).

Rotating the crown in the opposite direction will not ‘unwind’ your watch, only clockwise motion will supply enough tension to the mainspring to wind your watch. 

If the date or time changes when you turn the crown, you are not in the appropriate position for manual winding. If this happens, lightly press the crown inwards towards the watch and it should rest back into its winding position. 

  1. Keep turning the winding crown until you hit approximately 40 rotations. 

At 40 rotations your Rolex watch should be fully wound. Don’t worry about overwinding your watch during manual winding (if it has automatic movement) as there is no way that you can overwind it.

  1. Your watch should be running again. 

Your watch should be running again, but if the second-hand remains stopped, give it a gentle shake and it should start back up again. 

Please bear in mind that setting instructions can differ from watch to watch, depending on the type of movement it has and any additional features it may have to offer. 

  1. Screw the crown back down to the side of the case. 

To screw your winding crown back down, press it inwards applying a little pressure. Then start rotating away from you and towards the 12 o’clock position (clockwise). You should feel the treads start to engage each other, and the crown should start to screw downwards to the case. 

Take caution when screwing the crown down, applying too much pressure can run the risk of damaging the threads on both the crown and the case tube that secures it. 

Non-date model 

  1. Pull out the crown to the last notch. 
  2. Twist the crown clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust the hands to the correct time.
  3. Follow steps on how to wind the watch and make sure you screw down the crown.

Rolex Date/Datejust (Non-Quickset) 

  1. Pull the crown out to the last notch, and you should notice the second-hand immediately stop. 
  2. Turn the crown counterclockwise until you hit the correct date. 
  3. Stop twisting the crown once the hands are in the correct position. 
  4. Follow steps on how to wind the watch and make sure you screw down the crown.

Rolex Date/Datejust (Quickset) 

  1. Pull the crown out to the first notch. 
  2. Twist the crown counterclockwise (men’s watch) or clockwise (women’s watch) to adjust the date displayed. 
  3. Pull the crown out to the last notch to adjust the time. 
  4. Follow steps on how to wind the watch and make sure you screw down the crown.

Rolex Day-Date (Double Quickset) 

  1. Pull the crown out to the first notch. 
  2. Turn the crown clockwise to set the date. 
  3. Turn the crown counterclockwise in order to change the day of the week. 
  4. Pull the crown out to the last notch and turn clockwise, or counter-clockwise to set the correct time. 
  5. Follow steps on how to wind the watch and make sure you screw down the crown.

How do I ensure my Rolex is waterproof?

waterproof watch

The Oyster case of your Rolex is what protects the mechanisms from both water and dust. While all Rolex watches are waterproof up to depths of at least 100 meters, some models can withstand extreme depths of 1200 or even 3900 meters. In order for your Rolex to lock in and protect against these elements, the Oyster case needs to be completely sealed. This means that the crown of your Rolex needs to be screwed down securely in order to create a hermetic seal, or barrier, just like you would find in the hatch of a submarine, for example. This means you must take extra care when screwing down the crown after resting the time, or winding your Rolex.

What to expect from a Rolex Service? 

A Rolex service is designed to ensure that your timepiece remains in pristine condition and complies with its original functional and aesthetic specifications. Each movement is inspected, and each case and bracelet is meticulously refinished to restore to its original, prime state. 

Here is what you should expect from a Rolex service: 

  1. Disassembly.
  2. Cleaning of movement.
  3. Replacement of required components.
  4. Lubrication to minimise friction caused by wear. 
  5. Timing calibrations.
  6. Replacement of damaged components on case or bracelet. 
  7. Reassembly and seals replacements to guarantee full waterproof protection. 
  8. Waterproof tests – Vacuum test – Compression test – Condensation test. 
  9. Quality control addressing timing accuracy and aesthetic appearance. 
  10. Service guarantee. 

How much does it cost to service a Rolex? 

The cost of Rolex service is calculated based on a range of factors including the model, complexity, and age of the watch. Servicing and repairs require a great deal of attention from a team of highly skilled technicians, which is reflective in the price. The benefits and longevity of the improvements can make such a difference to the functionality and overall aesthetic appearance of the watch

What is the Rolex service turnaround time?  

Rolex service

The turnaround time for a Rolex service is generally between 4 to 6 weeks. 

How to clean a Rolex 

Whether you wear your watch every day or save it for special occasions, you’re going to want to keep it in top condition. One of the best ways can preserve your watch by cleaning it occasionally with a cloth. 

If you’ve got a metal bracelet Rolex, then you can clean it, from time to time, using soapy water and a soft brush. The soft brush is great for getting into those gaps or rivets where dust or grime has built up over a period of time. Be sure to dry the watch meticulously after cleaning so there is no water left sitting in the metal. Check out our full guide to cleaning your watch here at Miltons Diamonds.

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