Real Gold Jewellery vs Costume Jewellery

Purchasing special jewellery pieces can be a purchase that will withstand much more than one lifetime. Pieces can be passed on from generation to generation and become a family heirloom high in sentimental value. 

Gold jewellery has been a popular choice for a long time. Attractive in style and complimentary to a range of different styles, gold has caught the attention of many buyers.

But, how does real gold jewellery compare to costume? Here at Milton’s Diamonds, we are here to answer some of the questions you might be asking about real gold jewellery pieces.

Why Purchase Jewellery Pieces?

Sentimental Value

The sentimental value of genuine jewellery pieces grows as it is passed from generation to generation through a family. This helps when they’re an attractive piece and gold jewellery often offers timeless designs that will be in fashion for years to come.

So Much Choice

Gold jewellery pieces can be sourced from all around the world and date back to centuries old. These jewellery pieces can provide you with a beautiful piece of jewellery that comes hand in hand with an exciting history, centuries of untold stories and a piece of art jewellery you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Why Is Gold Used To Make Jewellery?

Gold is a popular precious metal that has been used to make genuine pieces of jewellery for a very long time. 

Attractive and rare, gold is the perfect choice for jewellery because it is highly malleable, not only can it be stretched, beaten and shaped to create exquisite jewellery, it also will not become discoloured over time.

Too soft to be made into jewellery on its own, gold can be combined with other metals to make it stronger and more tactile for regular wearing. This is why different Carats of gold are used when designing jewellery. 9ct is very hard wearing, with 18ct and 22ct being much softer.

As well as this, gold jewellery has become more and more attractive to the human eye as time has passed. A common perception of value and expense, gold has become a valuable commodity within the financial world too  – making gold jewellery even more appealing for people to wear.

How To Identify Real Gold Jewellery?

With the high quality of costume jewellery available you’ll need to know how to spot the differences between real and fake gold jewellery pieces. There are a few tips and tricks you can follow to make sure that you’re investing in a genuine piece of gold rather than a fake.

Price Value

The first giveaway of whether your gold jewellery is real would be the price point. Pure gold will reflect in the price; the higher the carat value (purity of gold), the higher the price will be. If the price sounds too good to be true when it comes to your gold jewellery, then it probably is. Don’t rush into a great, discounted price just because it sounds good. 

Gold Hallmarks and Number Markings

Each piece of real gold jewellery should have a visible hallmark if the piece isn’t too old. These are usually in the form of small number markings on clasps or the inside of rings. They’re often tiny and may require you to use a magnifying glass or jewellers loupe for you to be able to see properly.

These hallmarks may have a symbol to identify where the piece was assayed, followed by a number to show the carat value of the jewellery. These will help you to determine the amount of gold in your jewellery and suggests that they are genuine.

However, these hallmarks can be faked, so it’s best to do a few different checks on the jewellery to check it’s not counterfeit.

Gold Plated Or Solid Gold Jewellery

How genuine some jewellery is can be challenging to assess because of how common gold-plated jewellery has become. When looking for the hallmarks on your jewellery, look out for a few of these markings that will tell you if your jewellery is gold or gold plated:

  • GP: Gold Plated
  • RGP: Rolled Gold Plate
  • GEP: Gold Electroplated
  • HGE: Heavy Gold Electroplate

If you spot any of these markings, then your jewellery is gold-plated and not solid gold.

Quality –Size & Weight

The real value of your gold jewellery is often in the weight of it. To calculate the gold value, the weight in grams plays a big part – so expect expensive, genuine gold jewellery to feel heavy. 

Magnet Test

If you’re still not 100% satisfied that the jewellery you’re checking is genuine, then the magnet test can always be a giveaway. By taking a magnet and putting it near your jewellery, you might be able to tell if it is real gold or not. 

Real gold will not be attracted to the magnet at all, whereas gold plated/alloyed gold might. This is not an exclusive test as not all metals used to fabricate imitation jewellery are magnetic.

What Is Costume Jewellery?

Often referred to as ‘fashion jewellery’, costume jewellery is the less expensive version of precious jewellery. These will typically be the jewellery with the gold-plated markings.

Decades ago, when people wore jewellery, they mainly wore precious, genuine stones and rare metals that made their jewellery worth a lot. However, this often came with security risks and fear of losing what was most valuable to them.

Costume jewellery is an alternative, often made from cheaper materials to replicate the original. They are often much less rare and less expensive to buy. Made with synthetic gemstones and imitation diamonds or fake metals, costume jewellery can make good replicas if you’re looking for a more affordable option of an eye-catching piece.

Costume Jewellery or Real Gold Jewellery?

Real gold is the way to go if you’re looking to purchase a quality piece of jewellery that will withstand the test of time. The perfect heirloom to be passed on throughout families, real gold jewellery won’t tarnish from the air or lose any of its pizzaz. 

Although cheaper upfront, costume jewellery won’t have the longevity of the real gold jewellery you could choose and will most likely need replacing much sooner. If you think you may already have some genuine pieces of gold that you’re looking to trade then take a look at how to sell your gold to us here at Milton’s.

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