Swiss Watches

Swiss watches are renowned for their prestige, history, luxury and overall class. They provide the time with accuracy and precision, but, with their reputation, they’ve become so much more than just a watch. 

Swiss watches add style, elegance and sophistication to whatever wrist they’re worn on, combining traditional class with up-to-date technology. Here at Milton’s Diamonds, we’re proud to offer top-of-the-range Swiss-made watches ready for you to buy.  

If you’re ready to purchase a Swiss watch that will stay timelessly fashionable and continue to make a statement for years to come, then you’re in the right place.

What Are Swiss Watches?

So, what makes a Swiss watch? Watches that meet the Swiss watch-making standards are the only ones that can be labelled ‘Swiss-made’.

The Swiss watch-making standards have specific criteria a watch has to meet, and this criterion was further strengthened in 2017 to ensure that the Swiss-made label was kept protected for only the best.

The Swiss-made criteria include:

  • The watch has to be of a minimum 60% Swiss value – this means at least 60% of the manufacturing needs to originate from Switzerland, including the watch case.
  • The development of the watch movement has to have been made in Switzerland.
  • The watch must have a Swiss movement.
  • The final watch inspections must have been done in Switzerland too.

What Is A Swiss Watch Movement?

The movement of a watch is what makes it tick; it is the mechanisms that make up the inside of the watch that make it function. Switzerland is renowned for its forward-thinking engineering technology that was home to the globally recognised Swiss watch movement.

Swiss watch movements can be mechanical, automatic or quartz and have to originate from Switzerland itself.

Mechanical Swiss Movement

The mechanical watch movement has a deep history and was once the main Swiss movement known. The mechanical Swiss watches require you to hand-wind them, which creates energy for the mainspring that turns the gears and cogs that make up the watch inside. 

Automatic Swiss Movement

Automatic Swiss movements are similar to mechanical. However, they’re designed to wind themselves. This then creates the energy required to keep the watch ticking.

Quartz Swiss Movement

Quartz Swiss movement provides a precise time down to the seconds and is the most up-to-date, innovative technology on the market. Swiss companies took on the quartz movement and made it their own to provide even more luxurious products.

Why Choose Swiss Watches?

Durable Engineering

Swiss watches are designed intricately in workshops that have decades, even centuries, of expertise passed down from generation to generation. This engineering has innovated as technology has and allows Swiss watches to be at the forefront of watch creation.

Fashionable Style

Swiss watches are more than just watches; their craftsmanship and detailed designs become an integral part of the most stylish outfits. If they’re good enough for James Bond, they’re good enough for anyone wanting to achieve a sleek, elegant look.

A Piece Of Art

The time, thought, and care that goes into making a Swiss watch makes them so much more. The development of Swiss movements and Swiss watch cases’ innovation makes them a piece of art from start to finish.


Swiss watches are luxury; they’re elegant, high-quality timepieces that balance out old with new to create something beautiful. Swiss watches are a cool, top-end style of watch.

Swiss Watch Brands

Here at Milton’s Diamonds, we’ve got some of the most luxurious watch brands stocked, including top-of-the-range Swiss watch brands. Some of our top Swiss watch brands include: 

  • Audemars Piguet – Founded in a small Swiss village, this brand has created complex mechanisms, and top of the range watches since 1875.
  • Baume & Mercier – A brand that only accepts and produces perfection to create exceptional timepieces.
  • Breitling– Another classic brand that has brought superior quality watches with traditional movements into the modern-day era.
  • Chanel – A renowned brand in the fashion industry, Chanel produce their watches in Switzerland and utilise the best expertise from Swiss designers and French.
  • Longines – A long time watch creator, Longines was formed by pioneers who sought accuracy and precision and continue to provide it today.
  • Omega – An impressive reputation and revolutionary products are what continues the Omega legacy in the watch world.
  • Patek Philippe – A company that engineers each of their watch movements in their own workshops, their expertise helps their watches withstand.
  • Rolex – The brand behind the infamous crown, Rolex create lasting excellence with every watch.
  • TAG Heuer – Created to make every second count, TAG Heuer continues to create precision watches that innovate with technology.
  • Tudor – A newer brand, Tudor has created high-quality watches for over half a century that exude style and offer accuracy.

Each of these Swiss watch brands has centuries of history, experience and expertise that helps them continue to reign in the luxury watch industry. The intricate designs, accurate timing and commitment to quality is what continues their legacies and proves they’re still the best of the best, even today.

Rolex Watch

The Best Swiss Watches

At Milton’s Diamonds, we help elongate the lives of watches and our selection of pre-owned watches includes some of the best. If you’re looking for more affordable Swiss watches, then we have the collection for you.

We stock a range of watches provided by top Swiss watch brands that range in price. We have more affordable Swiss watches for you to choose from or the higher-end, luxury watches for those with a bigger budget. Swiss watches range in price from under £500 to up to millions – this means that there’s a luxury, high-quality Swiss watch for everyone. 

Swiss watches continue to lead in the watch industry. The luxurious quality, exquisite designs and dedication to craftsmanship creates their precise, accurate watches that have recorded the most critical seconds the world has ever lived through.If you’re ready to purchase a Swiss watch, then let us at Milton’s Diamonds help you choose the right fit for you. Explore our full watch range today and pick out your favourite.

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