Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Buying wedding rings together can be a fantastic way to begin your journey toward marriage. At Miltons Diamonds, we’re here to make the important purchase easy with our wedding ring buying guide. 

Discover essential elements to consider when buying wedding rings, learn what you’d love to own as such an important piece of jewellery, and keep in mind the unifying symbol that has become a distinctive tradition in many cultures.

How To Choose A Wedding Ring

Choosing a wedding ring can seem overwhelming at first, the choices seem to be limitless, and the pressure of finding a ring you’re going to love forever can be challenging. 

An easy place to start is to consider:

  • What wedding ring material do you want to choose?
  • Are you choosing matching wedding ring bands?
  • Is there a particular wedding ring shape you would like?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be a huge step closer to being ready for your big day.

Selecting Your Wedding Ring Metal

The first thing to think about when it comes to buying wedding rings is which metal to opt for. For women, you may want to coordinate your wedding ring with your engagement ring, in which case keeping to the same metal will provide an impressive appearance that will stand the test of time. 

If you’re not sure, then we are here to help and have broken down the options for you. Each metal option offers various benefits, so let’s look at the most popular wedding band metals you can choose.

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

A yellow gold wedding ring is a classic option that traditionalists will love. This choice of wedding band metal is a versatile option. It can be crafted into different styles easily due to it being malleable and often being mixed with other alloy metals for extra strength. There are different carats (9ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct) and various tones of gold available. 9ct gold is the most hard-wearing, with 22ct gold being more susceptible to wear. 

If you have a manual, hands-on job, then it may be worth considering a ring with a lower gold content or platinum.

White Gold Wedding Rings

A fashionable wedding ring option has to be the sleek white gold wedding band. It’s an ideal wedding ring option to complement a sparkling gemstone in an engagement ring. To keep this beauty intact, you will need to have your rings re-rhodium plated every few years for it to sparkle bright white. When the rhodium plating starts to wear off, you will notice a yellow tinge on your jewellery.

Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum wedding bands are very popular as it is a precious metal that is hard wearing and ideal for everyday wear. Platinum does not tarnish and will not need to be re-rhodium plated like white gold, which is why it’s usually a very popular option!

Wedding Ring Shapes & Styles

Now you’ve chosen what precious metal you want for your wedding ring – it’s time to choose the shape.

Plain Wedding Band

A simple plain wedding ring band may be precisely the classic ring style you’d love to have matched with your partner. It’s a traditional style that will provide a timeless look and work well as an everyday jewellery option. 

Decorative Wedding Band

It’s a good idea for those interested in a more decorative wedding ring to explore other shapes and styles that can encompass set diamonds, two-tone metals, Celtic details, and many more elements! 

Personalised Wedding Band

You can even personalise your precious wedding rings further by having the inside of the band engraved, perhaps with your wedding date, to make it even more special. When purchasing a wedding ring, consider not going too thin and dainty, you will be wearing the wedding ring for the rest of your life, and it will wear down.

Consider Second-hand Wedding Rings

Buying wedding rings is a significant moment in the process of your ongoing commitment to your partner, but have you ever considered buying second-hand wedding rings? You can expect pre-owned wedding rings to be less expensive and offer a more comprehensive range of styles, which is perfect if you’re searching for a vintage wedding ring. 

The range of second-hand wedding rings at Milton’s Diamonds features a whole host of beautiful pre-owned wedding rings in an array of different styles. Our second-hand wedding rings are in mint condition and come in classic or contemporary designs to suit all tastes. Take a look, and you might just find the perfect wedding rings for you and your loved one.

Choose A Ring You’ll Love Forever

No matter your preferred wedding ring style, it all comes down to the point where you and your partner are happy with your choice of wedding bands. As a display of your eternal love, a wedding ring is a significant jewellery addition to your everyday jewellery attire. For this reason, it’s essential to consider the points in our Miltons Diamonds wedding ring guide to help you make the right purchase.

Take a look at the wedding rings, and second-hand wedding rings at Milton’s Diamonds to find the wedding rings of your dreams! View our ring buying guide for more details.

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