A Guide To Choosing Bridesmaid Jewellery

Bridesmaid jewellery gifts can be the perfect way to show your bridal party that you’re grateful for them or can even make the perfect finishing touches to their head to toe look. Choosing bridesmaid jewellery can be something you do together with your bridal party along with their dresses making it another memorable moment in the run-up to the special day with the people most important to you, or allow your bridesmaids to choose themselves to personalise their look.

We’ve put together this handy guide here at Milton’s Diamonds to ensure you need to know about choosing your bridesmaid essentials when it comes to jewellery.

Things To Consider When Choosing Bridesmaid Jewellery

There are some key factors to consider when choosing bridesmaid jewellery to help narrow down your choices and keep the whole bridal party looking beautifully accessorised.

Bridesmaid Dress Colour

The colour of your bridesmaid dresses can help you decide what colour of jewellery to choose and be the first step in narrowing down your bridesmaid jewellery style. 

Bold Colours

If you’ve opted for a bold wedding colour for your bridesmaid dresses, then keeping their jewellery plain and simple can be the best way to go. Think dainty, delicate silver chains that will accentuate your bridesmaid’s features whilst still letting their bold dress colour do all the talking.

Summer Colours

Rose gold jewellery is perfect for summer bridesmaid dresses. The ideal complement for summer pinks or sky blues rose gold jewellery will add a hint of sunset sparkle to summer bridesmaid outfits and make the perfect match.

Winter Colours

Gold jewellery will match your winter reds and deep navy perfectly for winter bridesmaid dress colours. Whether in the form of gold earrings, necklace or bangles, the gold will complement winter colours perfectly.

Dress Neckline

Once you’ve picked the metal colour for your bridesmaid jewellery, it’s essential to consider the dress style you’re trying to accentuate. 


A popular style, especially during the warmer months, strapless bridesmaid dresses are made for statement jewellery that helps utilise the free neck space. Chunky diamond necklaces can be the best way to accessorise a strapless neckline. Pair these with simple stud earrings and minimal wrist accessories, and you will help accentuate the dress as well as giving a slimming effect to the neck.


Similar to strapless, V neck’s accentuate your bridesmaids’ neck area and leave open space perfect for a necklace. Choose more delicate pieces, rather than chunky, like simple pendant necklaces matched with drop earrings that don’t overcrowd the neck or shoulders.


Less is more when it comes to halterneck bridesmaid dresses. The neckline leaves no space for necklaces, meaning you’re best off choosing drop earrings that emphasise your bridesmaid’s top half without busying the look too much.


One-shoulder bridesmaid dresses can be hard to accessorise; with the bold strap along the shoulders, these dresses are best accompanied by statement bracelets and eye-catching earrings.

What The Bride Is Wearing

If you’re the bride choosing your bridesmaid’s jewellery, you need to consider your jewellery style before making any decisions. Bridal party jewellery can be another way to tie all the looks together – especially if your bridesmaids are wearing different dress styles. 

Perhaps choosing a jewellery theme such as simplistic, diamonds, hearts, or leaves can be the first step for incorporating a link between your bridal jewellery and your bridesmaid jewellery. 

You may even consider going a different way and having your bridesmaid jewellery contrast your style to emphasise your bridal jewellery. Whichever way you choose, it’s important to consider how all of your jewellery will look when that all important camera flash catches them together.

Hair Styling

If you’re still unsure if you’re making the right choice with your bridesmaid jewellery, hairstyles can be another factor to consider. Whether your ladies are opting for up-dos, flowing curls or half up half down, this can affect the jewellery you choose.

Bridesmaid Up-Do

Up-do’s leave a lot of space around the neckline and shoulders like an empty canvas ready to be decorated with beautiful bridesmaid jewellery. If your ladies are having up-dos for the big day, consider necklaces that will accentuate your wedding theme and style as your guests’ eyes will be drawn to their jewellery throughout the day.

Flowing Hair

If your girls are wearing their hair down, there will be less emphasis on their neck area. This means it’s essential to carefully choose your bridesmaid’s wristwear, as these details are more noticeable in photographs.

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Bridesmaid Jewellery

The Do’s Of Choosing Bridesmaid Jewellery

These are a couple of top tips on what you should be doing when you’re picking your bridesmaid jewellery.

Have Your Bridesmaid’s Input

Whether it’s by having an accessory party together, planning a shopping trip or merely having a video call, getting the bridesmaid’s input can be a fun and important part of choosing your bridesmaid jewellery. 

This will also ensure that your bridesmaids are happy with your jewellery choices and that they know their opinion counts.

Pick A Bridal Jewellery Theme

Your bridesmaids may all opt for different styles of jewellery to complement their different style dresses or personalities. It’s important to pick a theme that can be interwoven throughout all jewellery so that everyone can stay coordinated within the wedding party.

Keep It Simple

Think of the basics; necklace, earrings and bracelet. Try not to overdo it; otherwise, you’re going to overcrowd your bridesmaids look and take eyes away from the beautiful bride. 

The Don’ts Of Choosing Bridesmaid Jewellery

So, what shouldn’t you be doing when it comes to choosing your bridesmaid jewellery?

Don’t Choose Too Much Bridesmaid Jewellery

Don’t choose too many different jewellery pieces that don’t compliment each other or look good together. This is where keeping it simple will pay off, allowing your bridesmaids to have precious pieces of jewellery that complement their look rather than overpowering it.

Don’t Make It Stressful

Have fun! Let this be an enjoyable step in the planning process you and your friends can do together. Make it into a memorable day that you can cherish whilst using the time to choose the perfect pieces to suit everyone. Whichever style of bridesmaid jewellery you choose, our guide should hopefully have made it a bit easier for you. Shop our entire collection of women’s jewellery here at Milton’s Diamonds today and see what treasures we have waiting for you and your bridal party.

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