The Best Men’s Watches under £1000

Whether you’re looking for a reliable watch that’s sturdy enough for everyday use, or a lavish-looking timepiece that is guaranteed to attract attention from your peers, it’s likely that you’re still hoping to receive good value for money however much you’re looking to spend. When it comes to purchasing a new watch, you can pay all kinds of prices, from a basic style that costs under £10 to a designer watch that sets you back a years salary. There are so many different factors that come into buying a great watch, so if you’re on a budget, we’re here to help. 

We believe that amazing, high-quality watches can be found, even when your budget isn’t the highest, which is why we’ve put together some useful information about what you should look for when choosing your watch, the best budget brands out there as well as a selection of our best watches under £1000 here at Milton’s Diamonds. Our aim is to help you to find a watch that is just right for you and doesn’t break the bank.

How to choose a budget watch

When you’re looking to purchase a new watch, the first thing that you should consider is when you’re planning to wear it. If you are wearing your timepiece for work as well as in your downtime, we would recommend a basic, sleek design that is on the smaller end of the scale and neutral enough to complement an array of different outfits. On the other hand, if you’re on the hunt for a watch that catches the eye and is suitable for a variety of formal events, go for a high-quality, statement watch that is a little higher in price as this will allow you to take advantage of durable, modern designs that are truly timeless. 

Another element to think about when looking at your options is finer details such as the fit of the watch, the condition that it is being sold in as well as the level of water resistance that its case provides. Your watch shouldn’t be able to slide more than an inch up and down your arm, and its face shouldn’t be too big in relation to the size of your wrist, as this has the potential to cause discomfort when worn. If you are planning to be around water and wish to avoid any damage that a splash may cause to your watch, it’s important to choose a piece that has at least 100m of water resistance to give you peace of mind.

Many of the watches on the market today are typically sold in a choice of automatic and quartz movement, giving you the freedom to choose a style that suits your daily lifestyle. Automatic watches feature modern technology which allows them to be powered by the natural motion of your body, making manual winding unnecessary when worn enough. Alternatively, quartz watches are battery-powered, sending an electric current through a small quartz crystal in order to keep time. While an automatic watch may be slightly more expensive than a quartz watch, both provide reliable timekeeping, so they can be chosen based on your own personal preference. 

The best affordable men’s watch brands

When it comes to pros and cons, every brand of watch is different, so it’s important to do your own research into the kind of features that you would like. However, there are a number of brands out there that make a reliable choice for those who are looking for a brand new model, as they provide high-quality timepieces for affordable prices. 

For low-cost watches that are functional and long-lasting, Casio and Timex continue to be popular with buyers around the world, with their brands standing the test of time. However, if you’re after a more expensive model that adds a lavish touch to your collection, Seiko and Tissot have been a constant presence in the market over the years, and both produce extremely innovative watches that continue to meet timekeeping excellence. 

Of course, not all buyers are looking for a new model, with many people in today’s society preferring to look for second-hand watches in order to receive more value for money instead of going over their chosen budget. At Miltons Diamonds, we know more than anyone that purchasing a pre-loved watch doesn’t mean that you should have to compromise on quality or style, and our current selection of watches reflect this perfectly. 

Our best men’s watches under £1000

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the finest second-hand watches, which include sought-after designs from the biggest and best brands in the industry, such as Rolex and Breitling. Our collection features exquisite gents watches showcasing the most captivating aesthetics for a fraction of the price of a new model, making them a steal. With an array of different metals, dial colours and fits to take your pick of, most of our watches are still in mint condition, so high-quality is guaranteed. With many of our second-hand watches now discontinued by their brands, purchasing one from our collection allows you to treat yourself to limited edition designs, many of which are below £1000. We welcome part exchange on our watches so that you can trade in your old version and receive your chosen design for a lower price.

Here at Miltons Diamonds, we offer an extensive range of jewellery and watches for men and women for a variety of occasions. Visit our homepage to find out more about what we do along with the exquisite products that we offer so that we can help you to bring you elegant pieces that complement your signature style.

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