Rolex Yacht-Master History: A look back at the most luxurious watch for sailors

Declared the watch of the open seas, the Rolex Yacht-Master is steeped in sailing heritage, offering sporting men and women a luxurious timepiece that combines exemplary function with classic seafaring style.

This nautical tool-watch is synonymous with luxury and has been so since its initial launch in 1992. It adds to Rolex’s impressive collection of timeless designs, embodying the brand’s long-standing values of grandeur, excellence, and purpose.

However, the Yacht-Master is not the first Rolex watch designed with sailors in mind, so why is it so special? Here, we take a closer look at this nautical timepiece, exploring the history behind its design and how it has become one of Rolex’s most cherished creations. 

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  1. Rolex Yacht-Master History
  2. What is special about the Rolex Yacht-Master?
  3. How waterproof is a Rolex Yacht-Master?
  4. What is the Rolex Yacht-Master made of?
  5. Is the Yacht-Master durable?
  6. What is the difference between the Submariner and the Yacht-Master?
  7. Shop the Rolex Yacht-Master at Miltons Diamonds

Rolex Yacht-Master History

Introduced in 1992, the Yacht-Master was the first Rolex sports watch manufactured with luxury at the forefront of its design. Its purpose was for sailing activities, using Rolex technology and mechanical features to offer sailors and sports enthusiasts a robust tool. However, it strongly emphasised luxury and aesthetics, building on the previous Submariner watch design with new and improved features.

The original Yacht-Master model featured a magnificent full gold profile accompanied by a matching 18k yellow gold 40mm case, a gold bi-directional rotating 60-minute bezel, and a gold Oyster bracelet. 

The Rolex Oyster bracelet is luxurious and offers wearers a unique safety feature that provides peace of mind. Its special clasp prevents accidental opening, and the bracelet’s links are strong and reliable.

Two-tone Rolex Yacht Master, silver and gold link chain with a white dial and gold rotating bezel.

Rolex Yacht-Master 16623 – Mens Watch – White Dial – 2015

With so much luxury on offer, the Rolex Yacht-Master’s instant success was unsurprising – as was Rolex’s decision to expand the Yacht-Master range, using premium materials to create more outstanding accessories for sportsmen and women. Fifteen years later, this led to the launch of the Rolex Yacht-Master ll. 

The Rolex Yacht-Master ll

Introduced in 2007, the Yacht-Master ll is designed for regatta boat racers. Like the original Yacht-Master model, it combines luxurious styling with practical features essential to nautical sports. It includes a customisable countdown timer, enabling racers to record race start times easily.

Gold Rolex Yacht-Master 2, with navy blue rotating bezel.

Rolex Yacht-Master II 116688 – Men’s Watch – White Dial – 2013

What is special about the Rolex Yacht-Master?

The Yacht-Master is among some of the most sought-after models amongst Rolex collectors. But why is it so special? Here, we explore why you should add this nautical-inspired tool watch to your Rolex collection.

Its rich sailing history

Though the Yacht-Master was released in 1992, Rolex’s long-standing association with sailing dates back to the 1950s, when the brand partnered with the New York Yacht Club to supply exemplary timepieces for sailors and sports enthusiasts. 

Rolex cemented its status as a reliable supplier of watches for the open seas, and the brand’s sailing heritage is celebrated in the Yacht-Master’s luxurious design, making it a beautiful timepiece in any Rolex collection.

Beautifully crafted with premium materials

Synonymous with luxury, the Rolex Yacht-Master is beautifully designed using the most premium materials, including gold and platinum. With this in mind, the Yacht-Master will last decades, making it a fantastic addition to any Rolex collection.

Yacht-Master with silver and gold links, gold bezel, in official Rolex Box. It is presented beautifully, with its Rolex license positioned to the right.

Yacht-Master 16623 – Mens Watch – White Dial – 2015

Practical features that don’t compromise luxury

Each Rolex Yacht-Master features a magnificent 60-minute rotating timing bezel, luminous hour markers and a visible date aperture, offering sportsmen and women beautiful timepieces that do not compromise strength, durability or function. 

Various beautiful models to choose from

Since launching the first Yacht-Master in 1992, Rolex has expanded the collection with various models featuring new aesthetic details and functional upgrades. There’s a Yacht-Master to suit every Rolex collector, including:

  • (1994) The 35mm Yacht-Master for smaller wrist sizes.
  • (1994) The 29mm Yacht-Master for women.
  • (1999) The 18kt gold 40mm Yacht-Master, featuring a beautiful blue sunray dial. 
  • (1999) The Stainless steel and platinum Yacht-Master, also known as ‘Rolesium.’ 
  • (2005) The 40mm Rolesor stainless steel and gold two-tone Yacht-Master, also known as ‘Reference.’
  • (2012) The Redesigned stainless steel and platinum Yacht-Master, featuring a cobalt blue sunray dial.
Rolex Yacht Master with multi-tone link bracelet and gold bezel. Dark navy dial.

Rolex Yacht-Master 16623 – Men’s Watch – Blue Dial – 2005

How waterproof is a Rolex Yacht-Master?

All Rolex Yacht-Master watches are water resistant up to 100 metres or 330 feet. They feature a screw-down crown system and secure Oyster case to offer protection from moisture, both of which were invented in 1926 by Rolex and are still featured in new Rolex sport watches today. 

What is the Rolex Yacht-Master made of?

The original Rolex Yacht-Master was made using premium yellow gold metal. However, this version is no longer available today and has been replaced by a rose gold alloy model, an 18k white gold model, and various two-tone designs. 

Black and rose gold Rolex Yacht Master. Black link bracelet and chic black dial and bezel. Outer watch face and encasing is rose gold, as are the markers and hands on the dial.

Rolex Yacht-Master 37 268655 – Everose Gold – 2019

Is the Yacht-Master durable?

As a luxury watch, the Rolex Yacht-Master is beautifully crafted with precious metals and materials and features Rolex’s exemplary construction, guaranteeing its durability for years to come. 

What is the difference between the Submariner and the Yacht-Master?

The Yacht-Master was not the first Rolex watch to be designed for sea adventures, and it is evident that this 1992 model was inspired by a previous nautical Rolex: The 1954 Submariner.

Silver and blue Rolex Yacht Master, silver three link bracelet with blue dial and blue rotating bezel.

Rolex Submariner 116619LB – Mens Watch – Blue Dial – 2011

The Submariner is perhaps one of Rolex’s most famous creations and was specifically designed for diving. However, one of the main differences is that the Submariner has a uni-directional bezel for use when diving and the Yacht-Master has a bi-directional bezel for use at the start of a regatta.

Due to this, the Yacht-Master has smooth radius edges, a beautifully etched bezel, and various other aesthetic features that streamline its luxurious design while maintaining its purpose and function.

A Rolex Yacht-Master as shown on a man's wrist. It has a beautiful deep navy dial, a gold rotating bezel, and a multi-tonal Rolex three-link bracelet, which is silver on the outerlinks and runs gold through the middle.

Shop the Rolex Yacht-Master at Miltons Diamonds 

With its luxurious design, rich sailing heritage, and exemplary sporting features, the Rolex Yacht-Master is a timeless creation as relevant today as it was upon release.

Launched in 1992, the Yacht-Master was the first new model to be released in 28 years; and with expectations high, it did not disappoint. This nautical tool-watch offers Rolex collectors unparalleled luxury with a unique design that embodies the brand’s overarching values of grandeur and excellence while embracing Rolex’s sailing heritage. 

Moreover, Rolex’s exemplary craftsmanship leaves no room for anything less than perfection, making it a stunning addition to any Rolex collection.

At Miltons Diamonds, we offer a magnificent range of genuine Rolex Yacht-Master’s in various sizes and finishes, perfect for sports enthusiasts and Rolex collectors. If you’re looking for a classic nautical-inspired Rolex watch to start or expand your collection, you’ll find a wide range of new and pre-used models that meet your requirements, complete with genuine Rolex boxes, papers, and manuals. 

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