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Rolex Explorer II History: The perfect companion for exploring the unknown

Upon its 1971 launch, the Rolex Explorer II joined an impressive collection of luxurious sports watches, combining practicality, class, and function. However, rather than for scaling peaks like its 1953 predecessor, this dedicated adventure watch was custom-built for spelunking, also known as cave exploring. Like all Rolex timepieces, the Rolex Explorer II features the luxurious craftsmanship its Swiss creator is renowned for. However, its features and layout offer Rolex collectors a unique timepiece that continues to stand out. Here, we dive into the Rolex Explorer II, including the Explorer’s trademark... Read More

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Rolex GMT-Master II History: The Iconic Pilots Watch

Robust and luxurious, the Rolex GMT-Master II is the ultimate cosmopolitan watch. It is renowned for its ability to turn collectors’ heads, with high-calibre features steeped in classic Rolex grandeur and aviation history.   Rolex is no stranger to creating sports watches, from the 1963 Daytona designed for professional racing drivers to the 1992 Yacht-Master, a nautical tool-watch renowned as the watch of the open seas. The GMT-Master II is no exception, dominating the skies with high-performance features allowing pilots and adventurers to track up to 3 time zones. Today, the... Read More

An image of a Rolex Submariner with a gold case and blue face. The Rolex Submariner is placed on a wooden table next to a black mug. 30/11/2022

A Quick & Complete Rolex Submariner History Lesson

The Rolex catalogue is an impressive and innovative curation admired by many, with a selection of premium timepieces coveted by watch collectors worldwide. From classic, versatile styles made to be worn every day to specialist designs manufactured to aid performance in various sports and activities; there is a Rolex to suit everyone. The Rolex Submariner is considered one of the most recognisable and influential watches in the brand’s catalogue. A milestone timepiece for any watch collector, its distinctive aesthetic and consistent performance make it an excellent watch to aspire to.... Read More

A woman wearing a silver Rolex watch 11/08/2022

Rolex FAQ’s: Everything You Need to Know

The pinnacle of any watch collection, a Rolex watch is the desired accessory for any man or woman when it comes to investing in a new or pre-owned timepiece. This celebrated brand creates exclusive, iconic watches to fulfil each of our Rolex needs, from the delicate and dressy, to the bold and adventurous, there’s a sleek style to suit every wrist. Here at Miltons Diamonds, we have over 80 years of experience in trading luxury watches and jewellery. Over this period, we have built a reputation on values, trust and... Read More

Daniel Craig as James Bond wearing a Rolex watch 29/07/2022

The 5 most famous watches and the men who wore them

Throughout history there have been many iconic watches; many of them on film, some of them on the stage and even one on the moon. Here at Miltons Diamonds, we have a range of iconic watches that have graced the wrists of some of the most famous men and women. We have created a guide to walk you through who they are, what they’re wearing and where you can find them.  James Bond watches  It’s no surprise that some iconic James Bond watches are featured on this list and we... Read More


Watches Golfers Wear: Past Winners of The Open

Golf is one of the most prestigious sports in the world. But how does this link to watches? For decades, some of the world’s best golfers have worn luxury timepieces and well-known brands such as Rolex and Omega.  With The Open around the corner, we thought we’d look at some of the tournament’s past winners to find out what watches they wear. From the first winner, Willie Park at Prestwick in 1860, to the most recent event in 2021, where Collin Morikawa won at Royal St George’s, there have been... Read More

Two people wearing Rolex Datejust Two-tone Watches 05/07/2022

10 Famous Movie Watches that Stole the Spotlight

Any movie buff will know that luxury watches aren’t always just sophisticated accessories when featured on the big screen. They can often tie into a storyline seamlessly, adding even more depth to its characters, and leaving a lasting impression on their audience.  Many of the high-end timepieces displayed on the wrists of Hollywood’s biggest names have since become stars in their own right. Now, countless film fanatics are eager to get their hands on the same watch as their favourite actor or actress. The way luxury watches are often showcased... Read More

A man wearing a Rolex watch playing tennis 22/06/2022
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Rolex and Wimbledon: A Timeless Partnership

As the oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon is an iconic sporting event that so many look forward to every year. For two glorious weeks every summer, it brings together the world’s most prominent tennis players to compete at the Centre Court in London for the prestigious winning titles.  From Novak Djokovic to Serena Williams, each athlete aims to give a flawless performance in every match, with each one being timed meticulously by Rolex watches. The partnership between Rolex and Wimbledon allows the tournament to practice perfect timekeeping and... Read More

Popular Men's Luxury Watches 03/02/2022
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The Top Luxury Men’s Watches

Treating yourself to a luxury watch is a big deal. Whether it’s your first ever high-end timepiece or another style to go into your growing collection, it goes without saying that you’ll want it to offer you the very best. From faultless design to perfect timekeeping, a luxury watch provides a step up from a variety of other non-luxury brands. They are expertly crafted and guaranteed to stand the test of time, which is why so many men continue to wear their beloved timepieces over many years, even passing them... Read More


The Best Men’s Watches under £1000

Whether you’re looking for a reliable watch that’s sturdy enough for everyday use, or a lavish-looking timepiece that is guaranteed to attract attention from your peers, it’s likely that you’re still hoping to receive good value for money however much you’re looking to spend. When it comes to purchasing a new watch, you can pay all kinds of prices, from a basic style that costs under £10 to a designer watch that sets you back a years salary. There are so many different factors that come into buying a great... Read More