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Miltons Diamonds: The Bridal Jewellery Edit

Whether you’re searching for the perfect special gifts to present to your bridal party, or if you’re looking for the right accessories for your big day, Miltons Diamonds offers a fabulous range of luxury bridal jewellery to choose from. We’ve put together a bridal jewellery collection with an edit of our favourite wedding jewellery trends to help inspire your decision. Wedding day jewellery You may be about to receive the second most important jewellery item to mark your life long commitment in the form of a wedding band, which will... Read More


How To Find Your Ring Size

Today at Miltons Diamonds we’re looking at how to find your ring size to ensure the perfect fit so that you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your jewellery. If you’re looking to surprise a loved one with a ring as a gift or engagement ring, we also suggest ways to get their ring measurement without ruining the surprise! Finding your ring size The key behind buying a well fitting ring that is comfortable and a joy to wear is to ensure that you are getting the right size... Read More

Rings cleaned after jewellery cleaning methods 19/09/2018

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Jewellery At Home

At Miltons Diamonds we understand how important keeping your jewellery in top condition is to get the most enjoyment out of your investment. Being meticulous with your jewellery care will keep your diamonds shining and your gold gleaming, resulting in a wonderful lasting impression and beautiful looking jewellery. Today we’re sharing with you our top tips for cleaning your jewellery at home to put the sparkle back into your jewellery in no time.   Jewellery Cleaning There are many reasons why cleaning your jewellery periodically will benefit the piece itself,... Read More

Two hands with wedding bands next to orange flowers 13/09/2018

Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Buying wedding rings together can be a wonderful way to begin your journey towards marriage, and at Miltons Diamonds we make the important purchase easy with our wedding ring buying guide. Discover essential elements to consider when buying wedding rings, learn what you’d love to own as such an important piece of jewellery, and keep in mind the unifying symbol that has become a distinctive tradition in many cultures.   Selecting your wedding ring metal The first thing to think about when it comes to buying wedding rings is which... Read More

Miltons Diamonds Second Hand Bracelet 09/08/2018

How To Style Mixed Metal Jewellery

One of the latest jewellery trends for 2018 is wearing mixed metal jewellery, which seems to go against everything we’re accustomed to doing when it comes to coordinating our jewellery. It has long been the rule that yellow golds are worn together, and the same with white gold, sterling silver and palladium respectively. But now that variety and asymmetry are popular elements of jewellery design and fashion, and the mixed metals jewellery look gives each metal a chance to shine. Here at Miltons Diamonds, we’re going to show you how... Read More

Diamond Ring 31/07/2018

Why Diamonds Really Are A Girl’s Best Friend

The timeless nature of a diamond is truly what makes it such a versatile and popular component in many jewellery pieces. With the appeal of old school glamour, synced with the fact that this gemstone will never fail to be en vogue, diamond jewellery is the only option for many women looking for that special piece to grace their existing jewellery collection. There are endless guides to buying diamonds to showcase the benefit of owning the perfect pair of diamond earrings, or how to buy a diamond engagement ring, so... Read More


Rolex Watches Worn By Roger Federer

With the Wimbledon Championship beginning on 2nd July this summer and our favourite tennis players getting ready for their next challenge, we’re being reminded of the legendary characters that will take to the court. Displaying exceptional precision and speed, Swiss born Roger Federer is one of the world’s most successful tennis players, and he’s also a famous Rolex watch ambassador, showcasing the luxury watch brand with every serve. Today at Miltons Diamonds we’re taking a closer look at the Rolex watches worn by Wimbledon champion Roger Federer and showing how... Read More


10 Gifts To Surprise Your Other Half With On Your Wedding Day

A wedding can be such an emotionally charged day, with family and friends coming together to witness the coming together of two individuals who love each other deeply. Wedding day traditions often rule that bridesmaids and groomsmen receive special gifts of thanks from the bride and groom for taking on their duty and supporting them during the occasion, with anything from small trinkets to luxurious presents being given with thanks. But what about when it comes to giving gifts to each other as a couple on your wedding day? It’s... Read More

cartier ballon 24/04/2018

Luxury Timepiece Guide: The Royal Family

Known for representing the finer things in life, the British Royal family are the subject of extreme wealth and the utmost luxury. Not only do they own an extravagant property portfolio, valuable artwork and countless antiques, the Crown also possess an envious collection of luxurious designer watches. So if you’re keen to take inspiration from the Royal family for your next luxury timepiece purchase, then read ahead to explore the famous watches worn by royalty. The Queen Queen Elizabeth is unsurprisingly the owner of several designer watches that appropriately reflect... Read More

Engagement Rings 02/04/2018

How To Pick An Engagement Ring Fit For A Princess

With excitement building for the next Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, at Miltons Diamonds, we’ve put together a convenient guide on how to pick an engagement ring fit for a princess. So, how do you pick the perfect engagement ring for your significant other? Set a budget Investing in an engagement ring for the most important person in your life is an important emotional and financial decision. Setting your budget early will help to clarify what kind of rings you’re able to afford and enable you to... Read More