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Six Most Popular Rolex Watches

As one of the most well known watch brands in the world, Rolex are at the top of their game when it comes to developing timepieces for their loyal customers. There are certain models that have received such a high status that it’s possible to narrow down the most popular Rolexes in the history of the brands existence. At Miltons Diamonds we have put together our list of the top six most popular Rolex watches, some of which we sell right here in our second hand Rolex collection. If you’re... Read More

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A Guide To Autumn Accessorising

With a new season comes a fresh take on your current wardrobe and accessorising style, which can be an exciting task to embrace. Due to the turn in the weather, some accessories are without a doubt essential to our happiness during the chillier months such as cosy scarves and hats – but what about autumn-friendly jewellery? Read on for our helpful guide to autumn accessorising that will hopefully give you some food for thought when it comes to updating your look with jewellery for the upcoming months. Choose your metals... Read More


Guide To Buying Second Hand Jewellery

As with brand new jewellery, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to purchasing second hand jewellery. There’s so many elements to consider; from personal preferences and what you’re looking for, to checking the authenticity of pre owned jewellery and ensuring you’re getting good value for money. At Miltons Diamonds, we consider ourselves experts in the field, so we wanted to create a guide to buying second hand jewellery to help you make the right decision, from reasons to buy second hand jewellery to how... Read More


Top 6 Places To Get Married

Destination weddings are so popular and it’s easy to see why. A special change of scenery is the perfect way to create new memories and start life as a married couple. Whether you’re planning a wedding abroad or in the UK, we’re taking a look at some of the best places to get married and the top wedding venues to hopefully give you some inspiration when it comes to the big day. At Miltons Diamonds we’re also delighted to share with you our selection of wedding rings and second hand... Read More

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8 Ways To Spot A Fake Rolex

Investing in a premium watch, whether for yourself or as a special gift, requires ensuring it’s authenticity – of product and seller. Due to the worldwide reputation of such a brand, Rolex watches are increasingly being copied and sold as the real deal by those who see an opportunity to make big money from the big name. Whilst there are sometimes obvious causes for concern over the authenticity of a pre owned Rolex watch, replicas and counterfeit watch makers are becoming more clever in their trade, with only small details... Read More


Miltons Diamonds Birthstone Guide

Birthstones are gems that relate to different months of the year. Each month has its own dedicated stone and each gemstone represents a different meaning or strength. Birthstones can also be related to each zodiac sign or star sign, and even the day of the week you were born on! Many people choose to give birthstone jewellery as a personal or meaningful gift. The origins of birthstones dates back thousands of years, to a time when it was understood that gemstones could have an affect on the wearer. It was... Read More


Six Frequently Asked Questions About Rolex

The pinnacle of any watch collection, a Rolex watch is the elephant in the room for any man or woman when it comes to investing in a new or preowned timepiece. This celebrated brand create millions of watches annually to fulfill each of our Rolex needs! If you ask anyone the question ‘if you could have any brand of watch, what would you pick?’, you can guarantee the answer will be Rolex. For those who are put off by the premium price tag but still want to invest their hard... Read More

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How To Pick Wedding Jewellery – For Him & Her

Wedding season is fast approaching, the event you’ve been planning for months or even years in advance may nearly be here. If you’re still in the preparation stages of planning your big day, then we are here to help. Jewellery during a wedding is not only symbolic of the vow you have taken but it can also enhance your outfit with ease. From wedding rings to sparkling necklaces and pendants, contemporary cufflinks and investment watches – have you thought of the finer details? Wedding Rings – For Him & Her... Read More

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Aprils Birthstone is Diamond, Interesting Diamond Snippets?

If you are lucky enough to be born in April then you have the birthstone Diamond, the most precious of gemstones. So every year on your birthday it’s a great excuse to ask for diamonds, diamonds and even more diamonds. At Miltons Diamonds we are happy to bring you some interesting snippets from the diamond world and a few of our favourite sparkling designs that you can purchase at the click of a button. Interesting Diamond Facts The most obscure setting… From rings to pendants, car dashboards to mobile phones,... Read More


Top 8 – Best Places To Propose

So you’ve decided to pop the question, but where do you choose to propose? Picking the perfect spot is an important part of popping the question, as it’s a moment you will want to treasure forever. But where do you choose? A location that reminds you of a special date or a past trip the two of you have taken may be on the cards, or why not venture to one of the following spots for a romantic proposal you will never forget?   Santorini, Greece If you are thinking... Read More