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The Miltons Diamonds Ring Buying Guide

Whether you’re planning on buying a ring as a gift for a loved one or as a treat for yourself, at Miltons Diamonds we’ve got some helpful ring buying tips in our brand new ring buying guide, designed to help you navigate the sometimes tricky journey of finding that perfect jewellery piece. We’ll cover how to find the right ring size, the various metals to choose from and general ring buying tips so that you or your loved one can enjoy your brand new ring with confidence.

How To Find Your Ring Size

There are many ring size charts available online as well as physical ring sizers, both of which can be used to determine your ring size and will help you select a ring that will fit your finger perfectly. Physical ring sizers can be purchased online and kept for reuse, or you can simply visit a local jewellery store and ask to use their ring sizing tools. A plastic ring sizer can be placed around the chosen finger and tightened to a snug fit, revealing your true ring size. Or, if you don’t want to buy a physical ring sizer you can measure your ring size with a piece of string. Simply wrap the string around the finger and mark the point where the string meets, then measure the length and refer back to to a ring size conversion chart online to get the correct ring size.

If you’re buying a ring as a gift, however, finding out the person’s ring size may prove difficult, but there are ways around it! If you have access to an existing ring, take a ruler and measure the inside diameter of the ring and use the chart below to discover the ring size. Or take it to a jewellers and ask them to measure it for you.

Ring size conversion chart

The official ring measurement guide refers to a letter system, with each letter being the equivalent of a millimeter measurement. Use the measurement taken from the string method or the ring diameter measurement to find the right size in our ring size chart.


Ring Metals

You’ll no doubt be familiar with the classic ring metals that have been worn for centuries, such as the warmth of yellow gold, which is a favourite ring metal for wedding rings and eternity rings. An alternative to yellow gold is the sophisticated white gold, which has become favoured in engagement rings due to its versatile, cool look that works beautifully with diamonds. Another more contemporary ring style that has become increasingly popular is to mix metals for a two-tone appearance. Mixing yellow gold and white gold works well with an array of different gemstones, and especially diamonds, for a modern finish. Other popular ring metals include platinum which are pale and bright in colour.


Once you have the ring size noted, you can move onto ring metals and styles. If you’re buying a ring as a gift, one of our top ring buying tips would be to pay close attention to their existing ring designs to tune into their jewellery tastes. If they tend to wear yellow gold jewellery, follow suit with a yellow gold ring, And, if they have a favourite gemstone, why not buy them a gemstone ring?


 We have many different ring styles to choose from in our rings and second hand rings departments in store and online. You’ll find everything from vintage designs and more contemporary elements to suit all jewellery preferences, so you’re bound to find the perfect ring with us. At Miltons Diamonds we understand the importance of choosing the right ring for special occasions and milestones in our lives, which is why we stock a beautiful selection of engagement rings and second hand engagement rings in a variety of different styles to suit all jewellery tastes. Discover a special piece of jewellery designed to be treasured forever.