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Pre Owned Rolex Watches

Originally founded in 1905 by Hans Waldorf, Rolex is known and loved worldwide, to date the brand is still celebrated for creating luxurious, sought-after timepieces. Our diverse range of used Rolex watches is the perfect starting place for those looking to invest in luxury timepieces.

When it comes to investing your money in a timepiece, Rolex is the brand to go for. The classic, timeless style of a Rolex watch is something that is consistent throughout each collection and remains relatively unchanged since the brand’s creation over 100 years ago. Whether you have a model in mind or you’re open to be inspired before you settle on style, we are sure you’ll find the Rolex for you above.

Why buy a second hand Rolex watch?

Making a big purchase can be a daunting prospect, however when it comes to luxury pre owned watches, there is no better time. A Rolex watch is the pinnacle of any man’s or woman’s watch collection, and this sought-after brand’s products can hold their value, if not increase! Even though our range of Rolex watches are pre loved, each item has been professionally refurbished, giving you confidence in the item you’re investing in. If you’re looking at investing in a second hand Rolex it is important to take into consideration what model, material and budget you’re looking for, whether this is your first or last Rolex. We stock a vast selection of sought-after pre owned Rolex models, from the celebrated Datejust, the iconic Explorer to the classic Daytona and more.

Alternatively if are looking for a reputable company to give you a quote on a Rolex you currently own and would like to sell, why not fill out our “Sell Your Watch” form and our team will send you a quote as quickly as possible.