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Watch Conditions

Condition Classifications

0 Unworn

  • New from old warehouse stock or pre owned unworn with delivery stickers still in-tact.
  •  New items from may show signs of storage and from being displayed in our stores.
  •  Items may or may not still have the original delivery stickers on.

1 Mint

  • None or small signs of usage.
  • Movement in very good condition.
  • Movement serviced to an adequate extent.
  • May have been polished, some very small scratches from being on display might be visible.
  • Dial, Hands, Glass, Case in very good condition.
  • Bracelet not showing signs of wear and in nearly new condition.

2 Fine

  • Small or visible signs of use and scratches.
  • No big dents, No hair-line cracks.
  • Movement in good condition, maybe serviced.
  • Repairs carried out using original movements only.
  • May have been cleaned and polished.
  • Bracelet not overly worn.

3 Fair

  • Visible signs of use on the case and/ or the dial.
  • Glass may have been replaced.
  • Small marks.
  •  Fully functional.
  • May have been polished.
  • May contain non-original spare parts.
  •  Movement may need servicing.
  •  Bracelet may be slightly stretched/ non original.

4 Poor

  • Heavy signs of usage.
  • Case heavly  scratched.
  • Dial, hands and/or glass need rep
  • May have been cleaned and polished.