Miltons Diamonds Birthstone Guide

Birthstones are gems that relate to different months of the year. Each month has a dedicated stone, and each gemstone represents a different meaning or strength that they are said to provide. Birthstones can also be related to each zodiac sign, star sign or even the day of the week you were born.

Many people choose to give birthstone jewellery a meaningful gift to help people wear precious jewellery that represents them personally.

History Of Birthstones

The origins of birthstones date back thousands of years when the world thought that gemstones could affect the wearer. It was believed that each birthstone ‘offers’ the wearer specific characteristics such as wealth, good health or happiness. Today, the popularity of birthstone jewellery is still prevalent, making them popular gift options for jewellery fans. 

Many of the birthstones originate from religious beliefs, ancient rituals, and mythology carried on stories and superstitions throughout the years.

Birthstones: What Are They and What Do They Mean?

We’ve put together a simple birthstone guide to help you find the right gemstone jewellery for a loved one – or even to discover what your birthstone is and the meaning behind it.

Not only do the monthly gemstones hold the power of different strengths and characters, but each colour also reflects a significant meaning; for example, the deep red ruby can indicate passion, and the light green peridot can symbolise serenity.

January Birthstone

January’s gemstone is garnet; it is typically a dark red colour representing trust, loyalty and consistency. The name ‘garnet’ originates from the Latin for ‘seed’ because the small, red stones resemble pomegranate seeds. 

Garnet dates as far back as the Egyptians and has been a potent symbol of friendship and loyalty ever since.

February Birthstone

February birthstone is Amethyst, a purple gemstone that is said to bring peace, health and serenity. It has been used since 3,000 BC for protection during battles, believed to have healing properties. 

Many people believe in the serenity amethyst can provide, often using it to help sleep or achieve feng shui in a room.

March Birthstone

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. It is a light blue stone that provides happiness and understanding. Aquamarine has a rich history back to the Ancient Greeks, where it is said mermaids discovered it.

The strong links to the ocean and sea made Aquamarine a favourite amongst old-time sailors when their ocean journeys were choppy.

April Birthstone

Diamond’s are the birthstone for April, a personal favourite of ours here at Milton’s Diamonds. The clear stone is meant to stand for innocence, love and courage. As one of the most precious gemstones on the planet, diamonds are a unique gift each and every time.

Diamonds are indestructible, and those you gift them too will receive some of this strength and courage too.

May Birthstone

Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, an eye-catching, green stone that is supposed to provide good fortune and fidelity. One of the infamous Cleopatra’s favourites, emeralds, are said to help individuals to relax and understand their surroundings better.

June Birthstone

Pearl is the birthstone for June, said to bring balance, joy and beauty. Pearls are precious jewels that come from the ocean, with no two being the same. The beauty of pearl comes from their ability to reflect the lighting around them. They also make the most beautiful jewellery gemstone!

July Birthstone

The red ruby is the recognised birthstone of July and provides wisdom, health and strength. Ageing as far back as the Bible records, rubies are renowned for providing individuals with strength and beauty that can get them through anything.

August Birthstone

Light green peridot is the birthstone for August, said to bring power, influence and success. Often mixed up with emeralds in history, these green gemstones are known as ‘evening emeralds’ as they shimmer beautifully in the twilight.

September Birthstone

Sapphire is supposed to bring calmness, wisdom and truth as the September birthstone. Sapphires were the go-to choice for engagement rings before diamonds became popular as they often represent faithfulness and peace.

October Birthstone

Opal or tourmaline are the birthstones for the month of October. They are said to provide balance, endurance and hope. It is believed that if you wear the opal and it is not your birthstone, then this can be bad luck, but we’d consider you very lucky to be wearing an opal at Milton’s Diamonds!

November Birthstone

Topaz is the birthstone for November and provides friendship, focus and confidence. Topaz can be found in many different colours, the rarest being pink topaz. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word for ‘fire’, which is perfect for November babies’ fiery personalities.

December Birthstone

Turquoise or zirconia provide wisdom, wealth and patience for all winter babies, as December’s birthstone. Turquoise can be enhanced in jewellery to make it look different or used in its natural form.

Birthstone Jewellery at Miltons Diamonds

If you’re looking for birthstone jewellery to treat a loved one for a special occasion then why not browse the selection of second-hand jewellery available at Milton’s Diamonds, where you’re guaranteed to discover the perfect gift. We currently feature an array of topaz, diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire jewellery within our secondhand and pre-owned jewellery collection that offers a beautiful gift for others or even yourself.

With birthstone jewellery gifts, you’re able to offer the recipient your good wishes or reinforce their current strengths and values. They can proudly display their birthstone pendant or earrings every day or save their special gemstone jewellery gift for a special occasion.

Whether you’re seeking a birthstone pendant, ring or pair of earrings, each piece of gemstone jewellery will display in fine clarity it’s potential and refined style. Set in contemporary white gold or traditional yellow gold, our gemstone jewellery options will perfectly encapsulate the meaning you’re hoping to reflect onto your loved one as a birthstone gift that they will cherish forever. 

Carrying the luck of your birthstone in the form of emerald earrings, a sapphire ring, or a peridot pendant can work wonders for self-confidence and belief in oneself. Gemstones set in an array of different jewellery options, you’re truly spoilt for choice with ways to spoil your loved one. July ladies can marvel at dark red ruby earrings to display their loyalty and passion, whilst those born in May can feel blessed with good fortune as she wears her emerald bracelet. With April birthdays, a diamond engagement ring will have a double meaning!

Whether you wish to give a loved one strength, good fortune, love or success, treat a loved one to a birthstone gift from Milton Diamonds today as a meaningful gesture of love and celebration. We offer beautiful second-hand jewellery and new products to suit every budget and requirement. With so many design options available, you’re guaranteed to discover the perfect gemstone jewellery gift. 

Even if you don’t believe in birthstone meanings, they can make beautiful jewellery for anyone to enjoy. 

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